Ajay Sahni
Dr. Ajay SahniAssistant Professor

Institute of Management and Research, New Delhi

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Dr. Ajay Sahni is a faculty of Strategic management and Marketing management. His primary research areas are marketing, emotional and spiritual intelligence, teaching and training methodologies, languages, communication. Having worked in Industry and these academic areas, he attended workshops, seminars and conferences, and also conducted FDPs, MDPs, LDPs and others. His Master’s Degree is in Marketing management, Bachelor’s in Arts, while his PhD is in French. He believes in inter-disciplinary approach and has multidimensional perspective(s), and always strive to inculcate the same among his students. His total experience spans around 33 years, out of which, 13 years had been in industry in various verticals of marketing and sales. He is a person who believes in and lives spirituality and imbibes soft skills in his teaching and learning methodology. A humble, down-to-earth personality, his penchant has always been to encourage, motivate and inspire students not only to develop the course for which he is delivering lectures, but also to groom the overall personality of students. His main thrust has always been to have an interdepartmental approach and belief in the interconnectedness of everything and everyone. He is always inclined to develop the EQ and SQ of the learners along with their IQ.

  • B.A. ( University of Delhi)
  • M.M.M. (Pondicherry University)
  • Ph. D. French (I.G.N.O.U.)

Teaching Experience : 20 Years

Research Experience : 8 Years

Industry Experience : 13 Years

Emotional and spiritual intelligence, marketing, Languages, Communication, Teaching and Training methodologies, General management

  • No. of published papers : 33
  • Total Conferences attended/participated/papers Presented : 29
  • No. of books written : 03
  • Key Resource person –International/National conferences/seminars : 05
  • FDPs attended : 19
  • Special Events convened: 26
  • No. of Workshops conducted in Industry and academics : 38
  • MDPs conducted (CSR initiatives) : 12
  • Companies: Veritas LLC, Michelin India Pvt. Ltd., Imtech (India Pvt. Ltd). :

Academics: Dec., 2010: French Language Scholarship for Indian Professors, from Embassy of France. Attended special training programme in French Language, Culture and Civilization at CUEF, Grenoble, France.

Publications in International / National Journals

  • Roy , Saini, Sahni (2023). Perceived Value of Green Practices and Employee Involvement: An Indian Perspective. Madhya Pradesh Journal of Social Sciences, ISSN : 0973-855X (VOL 28 No 4, April 2023), 1-8
  • Sahni (2022). Case study of CORPOSCHOOL- the Finishing School of BVIMR. IJIRSIT, Vol 11, issue 12, e-ISSN 2319-8753


  • “Teaching and Training it My Way”
  • “Spirit of Empathy – A management Perspective”
  • “Loaf of Life”