Computer Science and Engineering (AI/ML)

HOD's Message

I am pleased to welcome you to the Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML) / Information Technology (IT) at our esteemed institution. Our department offers a comprehensive education in the exciting and rapidly growing fields of AI, ML, and IT.

Prof. Rahul R Papalkar Head of IT/CSE-AIML

Department of Computer Science and Engineering (AI/ML)

Our B.Tech. program is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to become successful professionals in the fields of AI, ML, and IT. We offer a rigorous curriculum that covers the fundamentals of these fields as well as advanced topics such as deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and data analytics.

Our faculty comprises experienced and knowledgeable experts who provide high-quality education and research opportunities for our students. They are constantly updating the curriculum to ensure that our students are exposed to the latest developments and emerging technologies in the field.

In addition to our academic programs, we also offer a range of co-curricular activities and initiatives to provide our students with a well-rounded education. We encourage our students to participate in hackathons, coding competitions, and research projects. We also provide them with opportunities to interact with industry experts and entrepreneurs.

Our department also promotes a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. We encourage our students to develop their own ideas and projects and provide them with guidance and mentorship to help turn their ideas into reality. We also have partnerships with industry leaders and provide our students with internship opportunities to gain hands-on experience.