Homoeopathic Materia Medica


Sr. No Name of Journal Name of the author/co-author Type of Journal Name of Article ISSN No Issue No
IJRAR Dr.V.V.Dolas/- Peer revived Establishing Homoeopathic Approach towards Treatment of Diffuse Alopecia Secondary to Mental Stress 1905155 4
Journal of women health ,Issues and care Dr.N.V.Jadhavrao/ Peer revived The efficacy of homoeopathic medicines in management of menopause 2325-9795 7
GJRA Dr.Pallavi Bankar/ Dr.A.B.Jadhav Peer revived Role of Arsenicum album in giving symptomatic relief in patients of allergic rhinitis 2277-8160 5
GJRA Dr.Hemanti Das/ Dr.A.B.Jadhav Peer revived To study the effects of the Homoeopathic medicines in patients with acute & recurrent tonsilitis 2277-8160 5
GJRA Dr.Nikita Kale/ Dr.A.B.Jadhav Peer revived An evidence based study of inhibitory effect of Homeopathic remedies Taraxacum,Borax , Calcarea Carb & Pulsatilla on Candida albicans – An in vitro study. 2277-8160 7
GJRA Dr.Diba Shaikh/ Dr.A.B.Jadhav & Dr.V.V.Dolas Peer revived Amelioration effects of Viburnum opulus mother tincture in spasmodic dysmenorrhea. 2277-8160 5
GJRA Dr.Aanchal Garg/ Dr.A.B.Jadhav & Dr.V.V.Dolas Peer revived Role of Gnaphalium Polycephalum in pain management of sciatica in patients of both the sexes of age group 30 to 65 yrs. 2277-8160 5