Practice of Medicine

About Department

The Department was established in 1993. Medicine subject is taught over IIIBHMS and IV BHMS. Exam is conducted in IV BHMS.

We have this subject for Undergraduate and Post graduate levels. Intake capacity of Post graduate is 6. The subject deals with examination of Patient, necessary investigations, early diagnosis & management which includes treatment of present condition and prevention and treatment of complications.

  • Throughout the studies the attention of the student is directed to the importance of above mentioned points & the measures for the promotion to positive health.
  • The students are trained as a clinicians with adequate ability of differentiation, sharp observation and conceptual clarity about diseases by taking help of all latest diagnostic techniques i.e. X-ray, Ultrasound, ECG and commonly involved laboratory investigations
  • The teaching includes Homoeopathic therapeutics and management in respect of all topics and clinical methods of examination of patient as a whole.
Our Department comprises of Area of Department: -
  • -U. G. 140 sq.ft.
  • -P. G. 200 sq.ft.
  • Area of OPD - 200 sq.ft
Department Furniture:-
  • -Cupboard -1
  • -Bookcase -3
  • - Chairs (wooden) - 8
  • - Tables (wooden) -4
OPD Furniture –
  • Examination tables -2
  • Set of foot rest -2
  • Tables (wooden) - 2
  • Chairs (wooden) -10 
Equipment’s: -
  • Computer – 1
  • LCD - 2 common facilities.

To create Homoeopaths who are clinically well equipped and will be able to cater all kind of disease


  • To demonstrate the role of Homoeopathic therapeutic science in clinical Medicine.

Excellence in teaching-learning methods & promotion of quality education in practice of Medicine.


Dr. Koumadi Godbole giving lecture

Lecture Arranged On -27/2/2021 On Importance Of Genetics In Clinical Practice By Dr. Koumudi Godbole, M.D(Pedi), FCCMG

Dr. Mansi Patil giving lecture

A star Alumni Dr.Mansi Patil Lecture was arranged on “Evidence Base Nutrition Practice in Hypertension” on 15 April 2022.

  • Three faculties of the Department are PG. Guides.
  • Dr Swati Shinde was one of the Eminent Speaker at the Global Homoeopathy Marathon 2022 held on 10th April 2022. The topic was "Ailments from- A way to similimum"