Pallavi Chopade
Dr. Pallavi ChopadeAssistant Professor

Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship Development


Presently pursuing Ph.D. from Bharati Vidyapeeth University on the topic “Career Transition of Military Personnel with special reference to disabled soldiers”. She has contributed research papers in the area of organizational commitment and morale. She has presented papers in national and international conferences.

  • MBA, MPM, M Phil (Management)
  • An Impact of Rightsizing on Existing Employees’ Commitment and Morale: Study of Indian IT Companies.
  • Determinants of Returns of Cross Listed Firms: Evidence from Indian GDR.
  • A Soldier’s Preparation for Second Innings–A Review.
  • Stress among students due to online learning during Covid-19 and coping strategies.
  • Occupational Disability Among Soldiers: Reconnoitre on The Trends.
  • A Study on Paradigm of Distance Education.
  • Gen Y: Expectations of Quality in Higher Education.
  • An Effect of SHRM practices on Performance of Indian Firms: A mediating role of employees’ Organizational Commitment.
  • Case study: October 3rd, 4th, 24th and December 6th 2008, by Prof. A Vedpuriswar at IBS Hyderabad.
  • Curriculum design and courseware development: March 24th 2009, by Dr. TJ Joseph at IBS Hyderabad.
  • Counseling and mentoring: 15th May 2009, by Prof. K Ravichandra at IBS Hyderabad.
  • Case writing: 16th May 2009, by Dr. V Nagendra Choudhary at IBS Hyderabad.
  • Management Development Programs (MDP): Courseware, Design and marketing: 3rd, 5th and 12th June 2009, by Prof. PV Laksmipathi at IBS Hyderabad.
  • Consulting and industry interface: 7th and 14th July, and 3rd and 4th August, by
  • Prof. PV Laksmipathi at IBS, Hyderabad.
  • Management games: 1st and 8th August 2009, by Dr, Jagarook Dawra at IBS, Hyderabad.
  • International Conference in Marketing and Strategy, 8th and 9th Jan 2009 at IBS, Hyderabad.
  • International Conference on Business and Finance (In collaboration with Indian Institute of Capital Markets, Mumbai), 12th-13th Mar 2010 at IBS, Hyderabad.
  • International Conference on Time Series Analysis, 15th Apr 2010.
  • National Multidisciplinary Conference on Crisis of Covid-19 and India: Implications, Challenges and Remedies. Presented paper namely- Impetus to the Fintech in india: A Trend Analysis. 25th March, 2021.
  • International Conference on New Edge education and experiential Learning on 29th & 30th April’2022. Presented paper namely, Stress among students due to online learning during Covid-19 and coping strategies.