R&D Policies

Research is backbone of every academic institution that helps the societal development at large. Being the pioneer institute in the area of management studies and entrepreneurship development, the institute promotes the research and consultancy in the field of management and computer applications.

Consultancy activities at IMED are aimed at providing solutions to the industrial issues and concerns. Both Research and Consultancy initiatives motivate the students and teaching fraternities to create and disseminate knowledge as Bharati Vidyapeeth’s vision is bringing social transformation through dynamic education.


The purpose of the Research and Consultancy policy is to create conducive environment for faculty members and students to instill the research orientation among them. This policy shall create a framework that would serve as a guideline to identify the thrust areas of research and consultancy services that support the university’s mission and vision.


The scope of this research policy is applicable within IMED’s various departments and the functions of research committee installed for carrying out the research activities at the institute.

Custodian of the policy

The College of Engineering is blessed with spacious classrooms, a well-equipped library, a playground, a hostel with premium facilities, and more. It is also well-equipped with domain-specific labs to impart hands-on learning experience to the students and help them shine in their future careers.

Research and Consultancy Policy Objectives

  • To develop the awareness for need of research initiatives by faculty members and students.
  • To identify and promote the consultancy services for manufacturing and services industries around.
  • To create conducive environment for carrying out research by providing required financial and infrastructural aid.
  • To foster the research culture by conducting various events and publishing platform for various stakeholders.
  • To motivate faculty members and students to undertake various research projects of social, national and industrial importance.
  • To establish a research center for management studies and computer application to guide, monitor and publish their research findings.

Research Policy

Undertaking the consultancy projects
  • Teaching faculty are expected to undertake the consultancy projects from various manufacturing and services sector on the basis of their expertise.
  • All the funds should be received in the name of institute’s account. All the purchases required for undertaking consultancy shall be initiated by institute’s account.
  • The time spent on carrying out the consultancy project shall not exceed one day per working week.
  • Report and data collected shall be possessed by the institute solely.
  • The amount of the total consultancy grant received shall be distributed as 60% to the institute and 40% to principal investigator of the project. The assistant or subordinate shall be covered by within 40% of amount owned by the principal investigator.
To undertake research projects and obligation to publishing the research work
  • Professors are expected to publish four research papers, Associate and Assistant Professors are expected to publish two research papers as per UGC regulation in a year in quality journals indexed in Scopus / Web of Science / UGC CARE and or with high impact factor.
  • The faculty members are expected to present their research work in national / international conferences of repute.
  • The faculty members are expected to generate intellectual property with potential for commercialization and which shall be useful to the society.
Motivating and guiding the student’s fraternity
  • As a part of curriculum, students are required to undergo 50 days internship with industry. They shall be guided to prepare a Joint Research Project (JRP) and are expected to publish research paper in quality journals indexed in Scopus / Web of Science / UGC CARE and or with impact factor. 
  • The Students shall also be guided by the faculty members to present papers in various national/international seminar, conferences and or paper presentation competitions held by various forums at Institute. These research papers shall be published Reflection journal.
Publication Platform
  • The institute shall publish two research journals: Journal of Management Science and Research (JMSR) with ISSN: 0975-8429 and Students’ Journal Reflections.
Research Management
  • Institute shall set up a committee and Research Center to effective guide, monitor the progress by holding the Research Advisory Committee meetings and six-monthly RR committee meeting in presence of Dean, Faculty of Management Studies. The RAC committee and cell shall motivate the research candidate to select the research projects of academic, industry and national importance.