Sponsored Projects

Ongoing Minor Self Funded Research Projects 2021-22

Sr. No Name of the Faculty Title of Project
1  Dr Ranpreet Kaur Empirical Study on the Financials Security System for Teaching Staff in Professional Institutes
2 Dr Anuradha Yesugade Pallavi Chopade Innovative Strategies for Imparting Quantitative Skills through Online Mode 
3 Dr. Pramod Kadam A study of metrics to conduct Information security Audit for Academics
4 Dr. Vinod S. Ingawale           Mr. Yogesh Gurav
Dr. Hrishikesh Bhagat
Mr. Aakash Yadav
A Study on Information Technology Used For Marketing of Banking Services With Reference To Public & Private Sector Banks In Maharashtra
5 Dr. Sonali Dharmadhikari            Dr. Ranpreet Kaur Empirical Study on perception of Faculty and student for the effectiveness of online teaching- learning.
6 Dr. Sucheta Kanchi A Study of Frugality measures taken by homemakers in Covid19.
7 Dr. Hema Mirji Work-Life Integration : Impact of Work-Culture on Women Workforce
8 Ms. Deepti Deshmukh Dr. Ajit More An Analytical Study of Student behavior towards E-Learning Management System: Post COVID Approach
9 Deepak Navalgund Study on digital and financial literacy of vendors.
10 Dr. Shyam Shukla Community Work through Entrepreneurship Development
11 Shradha Vernekar A study on Effectiveness of Virtual Classroom for improving the knowledge and skills in rural India
12 Dr. Deepali Pisal online classes degrades knowledge Manaegement?
13 Dr. Ramchandra Mahadik A study of Human Resource Information System implementation issues and challenges in small scale industries in Pune District
14 Mrs. Sangeeta Patil Farmers’ Awareness about Kisan Call Center Services with Reference to Kadegaon Taluka – A Survey
15 Dr.Bharati Jadhav A Study of Conflict Management in Franchise System
16 Dr. Rajita Dixit A Study of Women Entrepreneurs : Knowlede towards central Government Schemes with refrence to Pune District
17 Mulik Sujata Sampatrao/ Dr. Ajit More  Use of data mining techniques for sugarcane crop yield prediction
18 Mr. Shreyas Dingankar An Analysis Of Occupational Stress €“ A Case-Study Of Mumbai Police
19 Nilesh R. Mate Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) assessment and implementation from Indian context with special reference to Pune - Smart City project
20 Pratima Gund  and Dr. Baljeet Kaur        A Comparative Study of various Graphical Database Applications in terms of their efficacy to find frauds in Online Examinations.
21 Mr. Swapnil Thorat A Study of Impact of Adequate Training over the Unorganized Structure: HR and Business Development Approach
22 Dr.Bharati Yelikar A study of efficacy of e-banking services to increase the customer base with special reference to Bharati Sahakari Bank, Pune
23 Dr. Swati Desai A study of open education resources (OER) to supplement E learning environment for higher education
24 Dr. Sachin Ayarekar Dr. Pramod Pawar A study on effectiveness of online teaching for primary school students
25 Ms. Muskan Sharma Learning and Teaching Challeges and Opportunities for Higher Education in Covid 19

Funded Research Projects 2018-19

Sr. No Name of the Faculty Title of Project
1 Dr. Kirti Gupta Technology Addiction among childern and youth A Study of related Behavioural Impact. ICSSR New Delhi MHRD Indian Council of Social Science Research