Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Our Vision

Imbibing Critical Thinking, Inspiring Innovations and Encouraging Entrepreneurship for creation of Wealth and sustainable living

Our Mission

  • To strengthen the IIC and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell in terms of students’ and teachers’ active participation, memberships, by motivating them through seminars, guest lectures and organizing events and competitions.


  • To organize the events and activities such as Idea-Competition, B-Plan -Best Entrepreneur Competitions, Launchpad-A Start-up fest, Hackathons, etc.
  • To establish and leverage the network of mentors, investors, facilitators and create an entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • To encourage and facilitate the pre-incubate, start-ups, first-generation entrepreneurs.
  • To inculcate the spirit of innovation & entrepreneurship among students and imbibe it into the curriculum to bring in attitudinal shift in faculty, students & staff.


Entrepreneurship promotion: IMED supports and promotes the formation of students clubs which are engaged in conducting entrepreneurial activities for students, faculty and staff.

Governance: The head of the Institute is authorized to appoint the committee. E D Cell In charge is the president of IIC and a faculty having entrepreneurial mindset and passion is selected as convener to facilitate the activities. A committee of following members is formulated to amend, accept and implement the entrepreneurship policies, approve proposals of students, enable funds disbursement to them and monitor their progress, organize events, activities, guest lectures, seminars etc.

SR.No. Designation Name
1 Head of the Institute Dr Ajit More
2 President IIC, NISP coordinator, ARIIA coordinator Mr Deepak Navalgund
3 Vice President and IPR coordinator Dr Shyam Shukla
4 Convener, Innovation Coordinator Dr Shradha Vernekar
5 NIRF Coordinator, Dr Sonali Dharmadhikari
6 Internship Activity coordinator, Social Media Coordinator Mr Deepak Navalgund
7 Start Up media Coordinator Dr Gandhali Kharge

The prime responsibility of these committee members is to facilitate the use of resources provided by the College to the startups and ensure the proper utilization of resources by periodic meetings/interviews with the students.

Incubation and Pre incubation Support

  • The Institute provides office space, computer, internet and a conference room with all the needed infrastructure and amenities such as Video Conferencing facility, Projection Equipment. The mentoring and practicing sessions, meetings with experts and council members, even the competitions can be conducted with the infrastructure provided.
  • Infrastructure of the institute such as auditorium, seminar halls, open spaces for hosting exhibitions are made available to students on prior permission.
  • The library facility and internet facility is available to any regular student in the campus.
  • Laboratories of all the departments are available to regular students 24 X 7 with the prior permission of HoD/Lab in charge.
  • Relaxation in Attendance: Students engaged in entrepreneurial activities will be allowed to take exams even if their attendance is below 75% attendance. Relaxation in attendance be allowed at all the stages of start-up formation. The student need to approach “Committee” prior to the start of his/her entrepreneurial activities to get reviewed and recommended by it. The “review Committee” may be empowered to (a) Recommend relaxation in attendance to student entrepreneurs. The maximum of 10% of relaxation is permitted under this criterion at any stage of start -up.

IPR & Technology transfer: Policy of IPR cell

IPR is to be jointly owned by inventors and IMED, when IMED facilities / funds are used substantially or when IPR is developed as a part of curriculum/ academic activity

Events Conducted by Innovation and ED Cell

SR.No. Webinar Conducted Conducted On
1.   Guest Session on Corporate Entrepreneurship  20th Aug 2020
2. Start Up Story  26th Aug 2020 
3. AIC-Pinnacle’s Webinar:  September 22nd, 2020 
4. “Innovation, Incubation to Start-up Creation” 
5. Life Skills & Fast Track Career –Session1 October 10th, 2020
6. Life Skills & Fast Track Career –Session 2 October 17th, 2020
7. Life Skills & Fast Track Career – Session 3 October 24th, 2020 
8. Life Skills & Fast Track Career – Session 4 October 31st, 2020
9. Life Skills & Fast Track Career- Session 5  5TH Nov, 2020
10. ABC of Entrepreneurship (AIMSME)- Session 6 5th Dec 2020
11. Life Skills & Fast Track Career(UG) – Session 7 12th Dec 2020 
12. Career Opportunities through Entrepreneurship(AIMSME) – Session 8 15th Dec2020
13. Life Skills & Fast Track Career – Session 9 19TH DEC 2020
14. Life Skills & Fast Track Career – Session10 26th Dec 2020
15. Life Skills & Fast Track Career - Session11 16th Jan 2021
16. Life Skills & Fast Track Career - Session12 30th Jan 2021
17. CWTED  From Sept 20 to March 21 
SR.No. Event Date
1 Community Work through Entrepreneurship Development (CWTED) 4th Sept2021
2 Webinar on mentoring the best business ideas. 16th Oct2021
3 Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) 14th September 2021
4 ATAL FDP on Innovation management 20th Sept-24 Sept
5 IMED GEMS-Best Entrepreneur 30th Sept
6 Webinar on give wings to your ideas 23rd Oct 2021
7 Mentoring of budding Entrepreneurs by established entrepreneurs-round 1 4th Dec2021
8 Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Innovation as a career opportunity 18th Dec 2021
9 Mentoring budding entrepreneurs –round 2 5TH Feb -8th Feb
10 Innovation, Entrepreneurship and design thinking 12th Feb 2022
11 Competition on Start Up Story by  E D CLUB 22nd Feb 2022
12 CWTED Competition 26th Feb 2022
13 International Women’s Day Celebration 8th March 2022
14 Women Startups -A legal Perspective in association with PMA 24th  March 2022
15 How to Plan for Start Up and Legal and Ethical Steps 9th April 2022
16 Lean Start Up and Minimum Viable Product/ Business 16th April 2022
17 National Hackathon 28TH April 2022
18 Shark Tank-Best Entrepreneur 6th May 2022
19 Social Entrepreneurship 2nd May 2022
20 Launch Pad 6th May-8th May 2022
21 KAPILA-IPR awareness 29th July 2022
22 IIC regional meet 20TH Aug 2022
23 IIC Mentor visit 24th Aug 2022
24 ED session on Prototype and design thinking-By mentor institute 29th Aug 2022
25 Quiz Competition By  E D CLUB 1st Oct 2022
26 Group Discussion By  E D CLUB 8th Oct 2022
27 Competition on Start Up Story by  E D CLUB 15th Oct 2022
SR.No. Activity Date
1 Induction 25th , 26th July 2022
2 KAPILA-IPR awareness 29th July 2022
3 IIC regional meet- 1st Aug 2022
4 IIC MENTOR visit 12th Aug 2022
6 SIH competition 24th Aug 2022
7 ED session on Prototype and design thinking 20th July 2022
Best Entrepreneur-Idea Competition
6th-8th Sept
9 E D QUIZ 1st Oct 2022
11 ED START UP STORY 15th Oct 2022
12 Attributes of an Entrepreneur by Sandhya Shreeprada 15th November 2022
14 Elocution competition for budding entreprenurs 16th Jan 2023
15 Start Ups and Entrepreneurship as a career Opportunity 19th Jan 2023
16 ED Club-Business Charades 20th Jan 2023
17 Empowering women self-help groups through training and skill development under AICTE SPICES 14th FEB 2023
18 Women’ s Day-Felicitation of Women Entrepreneurs 10th March 2023
19 Women’ s Day-Felicitation of Women Entrepreneurs 14th March 2023
20 Marketing Seminar for Budding Entrepreneurs and Managers 17th March,23
22 Launch Pad-Event for budding entrepreneurs 27th March-29th March2023
23 Shark Tank-A Business Plan Competition 26th March 2023
24 Value proposition fit 20th April,2023
25 Entrepreneurs day 19th Aug,2023