Sponsored Projects

Sponsored projects are also available to the interested faculty in which the funding is given by the college or by another organization. The faculty will be provided with the opportunity to work on sponsored projects as per their interest and field.

Sr. No. Name of the Investigator Title of the Research Project Amount Sanctioned
1 Dr. Suvarna Mahavir Patil Prediction and Study of Copper Oxide based resistive memory device properties using Statistical methods and Machine Learning algorithms. 42000
2 Dr. Amarja Nargunde "A study of User Satisfaction Towards Point of Sales (POS) with special reference to Public Sector and Private Sector issuing Bank in the area of Sangli and Miraj City" 42000
3 Dr. Manisha Shinde Application of MAchine Learning to Respiratory Viral Infections diseases : Treatment and Decision Making 47000
4 Dr. Pratap Desai A study on food waste Management in selected hotels with reference to Sangli City 35000