Mother & Child Health Department


  • Gas chromatography for fatty acid estimations
  • HPLC for nutrient transport mechanisms
  • Ultracentrifuge for separation of placenta membranes and exosome isolation
  • ELISA for angiogenic, inflammatory and neurotrophic markers
  • RT-PCR for epigenetic and gene expression analysis
  • Gel-Doc and Bio photometer for nucleic acid isolation
  • Western Blot for estimation of nutrient transporters
  • Epidemiological studies
  • Animal studies for validation of mechanisms and cognitive testing of rat using Morris water maze and radial eight arm maze
  • Minor equipments like Centrifuges, waterbaths, ovens, Gel running apparatus, microplate shaker, pH meter, balance, ice maker, etc
  • Storage facilities: ‐20⸰C, ‐ 80⸰C deep freezers