Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University New College of Law is committed to delivering world-class education to the students and making them industry-ready.

It has a dedicated Recruitment Cell that makes excellent employment opportunities available to its students through rigorous campus placement activities. It ensures that the campus recruitment process is a smooth and enriching experience for all the students involved. The process starts with an initial interview followed by corporate training, final interview, final screening, and placement offer.


Career Counseling

When it comes to shaping the future of students, we are here to guide them from all walks of life through our dedicated counseling sessions. Our dynamic career counseling team delivers the best services to equip students with specialized knowledge about the available career opportunities and develop essential employability skills. Based on their performance in the all-India level entrance exam and scores in the class 12 board examination, we offer specializations in Constitutional, Civil, Criminal, Corporate, Family, and IPR from the first year onwards.

Corporate Connect

At Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University New College of Law, we focus on establishing strong connections between students and corporate organizations to help our students get proper career guidance and become aware of career opportunities. Our placement team has built up a database of more than 25000 organizations comprising reputed business houses, corporate law firms, and various other reputable organizations. Our college alumni, holding prestigious positions in various organizations, are also invited to share their experiences and give career advice. Based upon the various avenues selected by the students, the organizations are approached and proper contacts are established.


Placement Process

Essential stages in Placement Process:

Our efficient Recruitment Cell has made the campus placement drive as simple and smooth as possible for students and companies alike. Here are the different stages of our placement process:

  • Receiving requests from companies for efficient employees and job descriptions of the positions available
  • Prescreening the student database according to the companies' requirements
  • Holding information symposium for creating awareness about the companies
  • Getting students registered for the campus interview
  • Organizing campus placement process
  • Assisting students and companies in joining the placement process

Competency Development

We focus on our students’ competency development to help them become skilled professionals. We organize various programmes, courses, competitions, and offer other opportunities to facilitate their growth and development.

  • Skilled Training Programmes
  • Court Visits/Industrial Visits
  • Client Counselling
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Diploma, Paralegal, MOOC Courses
  • Moot Court Competitions
  • Student Exchange Programmes

Guidance on Employability

We support the aspirations of our students and help them achieve their goals by offering them:

  • Personality Development Classes
  • Language Lab
  • Finishing School
  • AIBE training
  • Judicial Training
  • Prospective Career Growth Sessions

Employability Enhancement

The New Law College is committed to providing the best practices to enhance our students’ skills and transform them into competent professionals.

  • Areas of Specialization - The areas of specialization available to the students from the first year onwards include Constitutional, Civil, Criminal, Corporate, Family, and IPR.
  • Legal Aid - It offers free legal aid and legal literacy programmes through the Legal Aid Clinic.
  • Industry-Institute Interface - It focuses on developing an industry-institute interface to provide students the real industry exposure during their academic term and prepare them for their future careers.
  • Finishing School – It gives training in all-round personality development through finishing school to enhance students’ employability skills.
  • International Placement – It offers excellent placement offers at national as well as international firms.
  • Women Empowerment Programmes – It offers Women Empowerment programmes to help female students leverage their strengths to advance their careers and empower them.
  • Inclusion of Stakeholders – It has an alumni association that plays the role of stakeholders to help students with updated information about current professional preferences and job openings.
  • Enhancement Programmes - It runs enhancement programmes to equip students with employability skills and make them more desirable candidates to the recruiters.
  • E-Placement - For the convenience of students and organizations, it has introduced the e-placement option to facilitate the recruitment process.
  • Judicial Training - It offers judicial training to prepare students for judicial examination and bar examination and ensure judicial excellence.
  • Collaborations - The recruitment cell has collaborated with more than 25 thousand organizations comprising reputed business houses, corporate law firms, and various other organizations of repute.
  • Human Rights Activities - It has a human rights cell to educate students on Human Rights and spread awareness among them about the rights they are entitled to irrespective of their gender, religion, and background.
  • Involvement of Alumni - The involvement of alumni is important to the law students as they act as their sources of support and help them with unique information about career prospects.