Legal research is a much-required skill while supporting an issue or decision. During the research process, the students will have to study the particular problem or concern in detail. With an in-depth analysis using background information, facts and more, the students can carry out their research regarding the concerned topic. Through the research facilities, the students will be able to build their knowledge and practical skills.

Research Facilities

University Grants Commission, New Delhi has granted BVDU, New Law College, Pune recognition under Section 2(f), & 12(B) of the UGC Act, 1956 for financial assistance in research and development. This facilitates the institution to apply for various research grants to organize teacher- and student-related schemes.

NLC offers research facilities to the students to develop their skills in identifying laws – including regulations, statutes and court opinions, to justify their case. Some of the research facilities that are offered are given below:

  • Research Centre : The research centre aims to support and encourage legal research in the BVDU New Law College in line with the strategic plans and objectives of the institutions. The research centre works under the direction of the Dean and I/C Principal. The College has prominent Research Centres including the Euro-American Legal Study and International Research Centre, International IPR Research Centre, Legal Research Centre, The Free Family Legal Aid Clinic. The centre seeks to achieve its objectives that is to encourage the scholars and researchers of the institution’s faculty and students.
  • Research Collaborations and Linkage : MOU’s with renowned Foreign Universities like UK & USA. Academic Linkages with Oxford and Harvard University, Research collaboration with industries and NGOs.
  • Research Publication : The College publishes the Bharati Law Review/journal dedicated to promoting quality dialogue on any legal issue, thereby surging wave of ideas on any legal matter. BLR provides a platform for Legal Luminaries in the field of law to contribute the unsolicited manuscript of the research paper, case analysis, Book reviews which aim to endorse the research work in the law-related discipline. BLR will be a building block for young law students and shall be a vivacious initiative for young law students to contribute to the field of law. B.L.R. focuses on issues related to Administrative Law, Civil Procedure Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Domestic Law, Economic Law, Environmental Law, Intellectual Property Law, Private International Law, Public International Law, Media Law, E-commerce, Banking, Insurance, Information Technology, Computer Science, Cyber Security, and emerging trends in allied subjects. The distinguished legal scholarly contributions in the form of “justice of words” will be appreciated and acknowledged by the members of the society in the years to come, and shall make them immortal. Journal on the website can be viewed and published by all, free of cost.
  • Plagiarism Software : The Legal Research Centre has subscribed to URKUND Anti-Plagiarism software. It is a digitalized, fully automated system for detecting plagiarism. The students need to check their project reports for plagiarism using this software. NLC uses a plagiarism checker for teachers to detect plagiarism in academic papers. They upload the academic papers in the URKUND plagiarism checker and scan them.
  • Sponsored Projects : Major research projects, Minor Research projects and National Seminars exclusively sponsored by University Grants Commission.
  • Promotion of Faculty participation in research through financial assistance, study leave and best research culture.
  • Free consultancy through free legal aid in the matters of family law, dishonor of cheque, domestic violence, consumer matters, environmental issues, public interest litigation, criminal matters, revenue matters, IT & Law and right to information, IPR.
  • Compulsory research as a part of the curriculum for UG, PG and Diploma courses.
  • Association with social scientists, legal jurists and judges from Supreme Court and High Courts.
  • Promotion of international standards of legal research through international mooting.
  • The research facility of international standards with-Rich Library of worth ₹1.6 crores with Computer Cell, e-journals, eBooks.
  • Online Legal database : MANUPATRA, Hein Online, CLA ONLINE, TAXMAN ONLINE, AIR Online, WESTLAW, SCC Online, NLIST, DELNET for Ph.D. and LLM, UG Programme.
  • Conferences and Seminars : Promotion of faculty and students for participating at international and national conferences in the emerging areas of law.
  • Establishment of Planning and Research Board.
  • Upholding the dignity of a human being through community services and legal literacy programmes.