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Speciality Contact lens session

Speciality Contact lens session by Ms. Maruee Pahuja on 12th October 2022


An exquisite Speciality Contact Lens practice oriented session was led by Ms. Maruee Pahuja, M.Opt, FBCLA, FSLS, FIACLE for the students pursuing Master's degree at our Institute.

An overview and the hands-on experience of fitting Orthokeratology lenses was guided by her.

She shared her knowledge of the existing and future aspects of Orthokeratology.

Ms. Maruee is a Specialty Contact Lens Consultant, Ocularist, Visual artist, and Expressive Arts practitioner.

She heads the Optometry department at Natasha Eye Care and Research center, in Pune, India.

A specialty contact lens consultant- She is the only practicing optometrist in India to have the Fellowship in the Scleral lens Education Society.

She also has achieved other prestigious fellowships from the British Contact lens Association and more recently from the International Association of Contact Lens Educators. Having a passion to educate and upskill her knowledge Maruee has presented in many national and international ophthalmic and optometry conferences.

She is extremely passionate about facilitating leadership and peace-building workshops keeping arts at the center to learn, grow and heal.

She has written a book called “Beyond Trauma- a healing journey” with IoFC USA. She volunteers with different international organizations like Initiatives of Change and People Beyond Borders. Her passion, curiosity and research are directed toward building a holistic healthcare system that incorporate healing of body, mind and soul through multiple modalities incorporating conventional medicine.