Department of Animal Biotechnology


Drug screening, Efficacy studies for anticancer/hepatoprotective/ wound healing/regenerative properties of natural products/ formulations, drug delivery systems using in vitro and in vivo models; Development of in vitro 3-Dimensional Organoid models

Major Research Projects

Sr. No. Title of the Project Funding Agency Project Grant (INR) Investigators Status Complete d/ Ongoing
1 ‘Development of genetically tailored organotypic model of human intestine for enterovirus study’ ICMR 50.00/- Lakhs Dr. Alpana S. Moghe, Rajiv Gandhi Institute, Dr. Shyam Sunder Nandi, National Institute of Virology, Mumbai Unit (Co-I) Ongoing
2 DBT BUILDER GRANT for Development of Interdisciplinary Research Program Dept. of Biotechnology Rs. 264/- Lakhs Dr. S. A. Shaikh, Dr. A.S. Moghe (PI), Dr. R. K. Bhadekar, Dr. N. T. Meti, Dr. Bipinraj NK, Dr. Vidya Tale, Dr. RakheeDangi (Co-I)NK, Ongoing
3 Validation of traditional Unani plant products and ingredients for anticancer effect on hepatocellular carcinoma (2017 – 2020) Extended to 2021 Ministry of AYUSH 64.57 Lakhs Dr. A. S. Moghe (PI) Dr. N. S. Bhatt, Dr. M. M. Deshpande, Dr.GhazalaMulla (Co-I) Ongoing
4 Utilization of winery waste for value addition MOEF (Ministry of Environmental Science) Rs. 13.57 Lakhs Dr. S. A. Shaikh (PI), Dr. A. S. Moghe (Co-I) Completed
In-House Research Project
  • Research Project for Ph.D.: Completed – 3
  • Dr. S. K. Gaikwad (Ph.D. Awarded)
  • Dr. Vishakha Patil (Ph.D. Awarded 2019) Title of the thesis: Evaluation and comparison of vitamin D receptors (VDR) in periodontal ligament tissue of vitamin D deficient periodontally healthy and chronic periodontitis subjects before and after supplementation of vitamin D3
  • Dr. Gouri A. Patil (Ph.D. Awarded 2022) Title of the thesis: Influence of selected herbs on proliferation, differentiation and senescence of mesenchymal stem cells
  • Research Project for Ph.D. Ongoing
  • Ms. Sara Kamyab
  • Title of the thesis: ‘Anti-angiogenic potential of selected natural products’
  • Research Project for M.Sc. Completed - 116
  • Research Project for M.Sc.Ongoing: 4