The institute offers the best research infrastructure and facilities to support the research efforts of the faculty and the students. Over the years, a number of research papers have been published and various identified thrust areas have been researched to help contribute to the field.

Research Infrastructure

The faculty and students can access the state-of-the-art research infrastructure provided by the institute. To promote an excellent environment for research, the institute has established research laboratories in all the thrust areas.

Areas of Research

The faculty and students of the institute have conducted researched in a number of areas in the field. Through the research, the institute aims to contribute deeper learning and knowledge in Biotechnology. Our current areas of research include:

  • Nutraceuticals for management of diabetes and its complications (nephropathy and retinopathy)
  • Utilization of industrial waste for value addition (winery and wine yard waste)
  • Microbial production of poly unsaturated fatty acids (marine organisms for Omega-3 fatty acid production)
  • Comparative studies on probiotic and Anti-Candida activity of probiotic bacteria
  • Micro propagation of fruit, ornamental and medicinal plants
  • Bioprospecting of Ethnobotanically important plants
  • Anti-cancer properties of natural products, drugs and drug delivery systems