Sr. No. Date Activity conducted No. of volunteers participated Remark
1 21/6/2020 Celebration of International Yoga Day 48 Online celebration of this day and majority of Teaching and non- teaching staff participated in the programme
2 14/7/2020 E-State level conference 24 13 male and 11 female volunteers have attended online conference on the occasion of 100th years of Birth celebration of Dr. Shankarrao Chavan
3 15th August 2020 Independence day celebration 15 All teaching and non-teaching members have attended the function through online mode
4 15th August to 2nd October 2020 FIT India freedom to Run 58 32 female and 26 male volunteers have participated in this movement
Motivate for Traditional physical Activity 07
Running,Tracking,yoga 11
Tracking ,Cycling 05
yoga 04
Self Defense technique 02
Different games(Rangoli,Painting) 02
Traditional art (Rangoli, Painting) 02
Morning Walking, Jogging, Exercises 27
5 17/9/2020 Distribution of Mask and Folic acid tablets 26 In pandemic situation, 15 male and 11 female have distributed mask and tablets to needy people
6 2/10/2020 Gandhi Jayanti 56 Through online mode volunteers and staff have attended this activity
7 5/10/2019 Say No to Plastic 47 Paper Bag distribution- Say No to plastic
8 31/10/2020 Webinar on National Unity Day Swear of National Unity day 65 Volunteers have attended the webinar
9 11 /11/2020 and 12/11/2020 Cleanliness drive at Krishna river bank 47 The volunteers have cleaned Krishna river bank for two days
11 8th January Birth Anniversary celebration of Dr. Patangraoji Kadam Saheb 37 Poster making and Elocution competition has organized by NSS unit
12 13th January 2021 On the occasion of Birth day of Dr. Vishwajit Kadam and celebration of Yuva din 45 Tyre gardening activity
13 26/1/2021 Republic day 75 Celebration of Republic Day
14 28/1/2021 Training for Pulse polio campaign 30 PO and APO, and Volunteers have attended the training at Govt. Hospital Karad
15 31/1/2021 Pulse polio campaign 30 PO and APO, and Volunteers have participated the campaign for the whole day
16 10/3/2021 to 13/3/2021 Gender sensitization programme 10 The girl students have promoted their start up business
17 17/3/2021 Wall painting 17 Volunteers have painted the wall under ‘Best out of waste’ activity

21st June, International Yoga day, on the occasion of yoga day, 48 teaching and non- teaching staff have done yoga practice from their homes. As this is pandemic situation, the institute has conducted ‘yoga diwas’ through online mode. Mrs. Apoorva Latkar, Yogacharya has conducted this session. She has taken variety of ‘asanas’ related to ‘manshanti’ and sound health.

To mark the birth centenary year of former Union Minister Late Shakarrao Chavan, Swami Ramanand Tirth Marathwada Vidyapeeth and Shankarrao Chavan College have jointly organized state level e-conference at Ardhapur. Our ----- NSS volunteers have done registration for this conference and attended this conference. Due to this conference, the student got knowledge about how water can be conserved through different policies, strategies and activities. It can sustainably manage the natural resource of fresh water to meet the current and future water demand.

Due to covid pandemic situation, Independence Day was celebrate through online mode.. Flag hoisting was done by Director – Dr. N.R. Jadhav Sir. After flag hoisting, volunteers have attended the function through their own places.

Fit India Movement is a nation-wide movement in India to encourage people to remain healthy and fit by including physical activities and sports in their daily lives. The volunteers actively participated in this movement by doing various activities like running, trekking, cycling, taekwondo, walking, yogasanas and traditional activities like doing variety of dance forms and grind grains on a sieve etc. The volunteers have understood the importance of physical fitness due this movement.

26 volunteers have distributed mask and folic acid tablets to needy people in slum area in pandemic situation.

Due to spread of corona virus, only few teachers came and did ‘Pratima poojan’ and volunteers have attended the function through online mode.

Under ‘Say no to plastic’ activity, NSS volunteers have distributed ‘Cloth bags’ to villagers of Malkapur. While distributing paper bags they also instructed the villagers to carry cloth bag or other wise at such type paper bags every time when they go out of home. Villagers are also happy with this activity

On 31st October, NSS unit has conducted online lecture on National Unity day and Importance of NSS in college days for NSS volunteers. The Guest speaker was Dr. Rashmi Joshi Sawalkar, PO, NSS unit of R.L.T. College , Akola. Volunteers have attended the programme through virtual mode. At the same day , National Unity day Pledge has taken by 65 number of staff and student of the institute at campus.

Samarth Bharat Parivar, Karad and YMIM Karad has jointly organized cleanliness drive at Krishna river bank on 11th and 12th November before Diwali festival. Volunteers have participated in this activity. The river bank became very dirty due to plastics, old photos, torn clothes, garbage, nirmalya and many more things. The students have collected all these things and disposed it on the last day. After that, the students felt very happy when they saw clean river bank.

8th January is a day of Birth anniversary of our beloved founder Dr. Patangraoji Kadam Saheb. On the occasion of this day, NSS unit has conducted essay and poster competition. 37 students have participated in this competition. For each competition, the topics are different like Great Reformer and Hon’ble Dr. Patangrao Kadam, Economic development of India – Role of youth for essay and for poster making – Farmer suicide, environmental issues etc. The unit has declared prizes and then appreciated the winners by giving certificate and saplings in the form of prize.

All the staff and volunteers have celebrated the republic day by doing flag hoisting.

13th January is a day of birth day of Dr. Vishwajitji Kadam and also Vivekananda Jayanti – i.e.Yuva Din. It is celebrated in different way at college campus. Under ‘Best out of waste’ the volunteers have brought old tyres and painted it. They have started this work before one week. After that , they found exact place where they can do tree plantation. On 13th January, the volunteers have fit the tyres into soil and our Director Sir has contributed this activity by doing tree plantation into these tyres.

This campaign is rescheduled on 31st January by the Government. For this activity, PO has approached to Govt Hospital Karad. The hospital has given permission for participation of our volunteers in this activity. They have arranged training to the student on 28th of January. They give detail planning of the activity. On 31st January, actual campaign was starting at sharp 7.30 am. All the medical staff and our volunteers are ready with their all necessary equipment. The students were allotted into 30 booths. It is over in the evening at 5.30 pm. The student has supported and helped medical staff to provide dose to 5200 children. So number of beneficiary of this activity is 5200 and it is big achievement of this unit.

Under this activity, NSS unit has promoted the start up business of Female student (alumna or regular) of this institute from 10th March to 13th March 2021. The girls student has given presentation through online mode and promoted their businesses such as online marketing, telegram marketing, making of ice creams, you tube recipe channel, mehandi and make up order and printing press.

Under ‘best out of waste’, the institute has covered the open space by pipes. The volunteers wanted to paint it , so it will look beautiful. So they painted these pipes with their creative images. They have painted the pictures which based on themes like equality, importance of solar energy, value of happiness in life etc. The Director admired the volunteers creativity.







Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University), Pune Yashwantrao Mohite Institute of Management, Karad has organized a NSS Special Winter Camp for the year 2020-21 at Nandlapur, Tal. Karad, Dist. Satara. The camp was organized from 7th Feb. 2021 to 13th Feb. 2021 and in that 50 volunteers participated. The camp was inaugurated on 9th Feb. by Mrs. Prajakta Shirke, Newly elected Member of Gram panchayat, A/p. Nandlapur. All newly elected gram sevak of Nandlapur panchayat were also present for inaugural function. The camp was scheduled with different social activities like Eye check camp, First aid training against Cardiac Arrest, survey for awareness regards to covid vaccination , street play on social issues, awareness lecture on diet of ladies and distribution of mask to ladies as a ‘Vaan’ of Haldi – Kunku at Nandlapur .

Objectives Of The Camp
  • To understand the community of adopted village
  • To identify the needs and problems of adopted village.
  • To make awareness related to prevention against Corono.
  • To conduct community oriented programmes.
  • To develop competence required for group living and sharing of responsibilities.
  • To give message of team work through effort works like cleanliness.
  • To inculcate healthy and good habits among the youth and to infuse in them the spirit of national service.
Preparation For The Camp

Prof. Mrs. A.R. Sane and Dr. Mrs. A.A. Patil met Prajkta Shirke, Newly elected Member of Nandlapur Grampanchayat and Annasaheb and Gramsevak of Nandlapur on 2nd of Feb. 2021 and asked about schemes and other facilities provided through Gram panchayat and finalized the date for the camp. On 7th of Feb. Dr. Mrs. Anita Patil and Prof. Mrs. A.R. Sane again visited them and chalked out a detailed plan for the special winter camp.

Day –I

The camp was organized in duration of 7th of Feb. to 13th Feb. 2021 at Nandlapur, Tal. Karad, Dist. Satara. For the camp 50 NSS volunteers were participated. First session was started with Yoga. In this session Yougacharya Mrs. Anagha Latkar gave information about Yoga and its importance in daily routine. After that Dr. Anita Patil has conducted Introduction Session ‘Ice Break Session’ where students get idea about only ‘Names’ and class of each volunteer in order to get comfortable with each other for helping them work together enthusiastically during the camp period.

After that Dr. Mahendra Khairnar , Professor, BV YC Law College, Karad has given a lecture on the topic ‘ Constitution of India in Present era and Youth’. He has given a detail idea about natural justice and principle rights of citizen of India. In the afternoon session Mr. Raju and his team, has conducted a self-defense session. Self-defense is a countermeasure that involves defending then health and well-being of oneself from health. In this session , the team has shown different tactics of self-defense against various attacks. The girl volunteers have tried different tactics of self-defense against attack in bus, in railways and in crowd. Mr. Raju, has shown different techniques to male volunteers also.

At the end of the first day, volunteers have decided about tomorrow’s activity.

DAY 2 : Eye-check up camp

Every day , the volunteers started their day with cleanliness of Mandir where they gathered and the second day has started with yogasana. After that Lions club eye hospital (Charity) has organized eye checkup camp for villagers. Poor and needy people from village had come to avail the benefit of the free eye checkup camp. A team of eye specialist examined around 67 people and offered them medical advice and free medicines. The villagers were happy and expressed their gratitude to the Lions Eye Hosptial for providing them medical care free of cost.

The volunteers have prepared their lunch themselves. They have decided that it will be done in rotation of different groups. Students enjoyed a lot in making of food and it developed team spirit among them. Also some students have started to write script for Street play.

In the afternoon session, Ms. Akahnsha Burase, has conducted revealed interview of Mr. Pranay Sapkal, Founder of SBB group, Karad. The interview was based on topic ‘ It is also youth’, where she has asked different questions related to role of youth in social responsibility. Mr. Pranay has well replied and explained different activities which youth can do for society.

Day 3 : Inauguration session

The third day has started with cleanliness of Mandir and decorated it with pennant of different colours. and after that yoga session was conducted by Anagha Latkar as regular.

Prof. T.D. Patil, NSS Programme officer of Sant Gadge Maharaj College, Karad has given a lecture on ‘NSS : An opportunity for youth to contribute in Nation Building’. He has shared his own experiences and how he has developed his personality in all difficult situations. The students encouraged and motivated towards their responsibility.

One group of volunteers has prepared food and served it to all the students.

In afternoon session, inauguration of special winter camp was held on 9th of Feb. 2020 at 3.30pm . The camp was inaugurated by Chief Guest – Mrs. Prajkta Shirke , former Sarpanch and newly elected member of Nandlapur Grampanchayat and all gram sevek were present for the function. As well as School Principal and all teachers of School were present. Ms. Akansha Burse has given idea about the objectives of special winter camp. After that some volunteers have shared their experiences about the camp. Then Prof. Mrs. A.R. Sane, PO of NSS unit told a detailed plan about each day of winter camp.

Dr. Rajesh Kanthe , Director of BVDU, YMIM Karad has given motivational speech and in this speech he said that NSS is a platform to develop students into good and responsible citizens. He urged the students to actively participated in all the NSS activities and do all the activities with team work. Also he suggested the students to set a good example in front of society.

Mrs, Prajkta , Former Sarpanch, in her address said that, she felt happy as this is third time NSS camp has organized in their village. The gram panchayat also suggested some activities in the duration of camp. She said that the society needs the active participation of the young generation to move towards a socio-economically developed country.

Principal of ZP school gave best wishes to volunteers for the NSS winter camp.

The volunteers have performed street play on ‘Adverse effects of alcohol on family and society’. The audience liked it and cheers the students.

For this inauguration function Prof. P.R. Rasal was present and in the last, Dr. Mrs. A.A. Patil proposed vote of thanks.

Lastly volunteers were doing planning for tomorrows trekking.

DAY 4 : Trekking to Vasantgad

The trek to Vasantgad fort starts from Karad , which is around 25 km far away from the fort. The trek level is easy and it takes 45 minutes to reach the fort. Vasantgad is the place of remembered for Hambirrao Mohite, Shivaji Mahraj’s second commander-in-chief. This is also the place of Queen Tarabai.

At fort, there is no food and drinking water facility. The volunteers carried all the necessaries along with them.

The volunteers have dug more than 100 pits on the fort. On 13th Feb., Sayaji Shinde has planted trees on the same fort. His team has taken interview of volunteers and praised the volunteers work.

In the evening volunteers came back to Karad. Due to trek, a sense of gratitude towards things and people around has been created among volunteers.

Day 5:

The day started with ‘Yoga practice’. Ms. Anagha latkar has taken every day different asanas and types of pranayama. She has created interest towards ‘yoga’ among the students.

After yoga practice, Mrs. Patil has conducted session on ‘Atma Nirbhar’. She has given different ideas to become ‘Atma Nirbhar’. After that , student has started to find appropriate place for soak pit. The teachers and Principal of ‘Jilha Parishad School’ have shown the place which is near to water tank.

After lunch, volunteers were waiting for our beloved NSS Programme Coordinator Dr. Avinash Mhetre. He came and conducted seminar on ‘Life skill management and personality development’. He told about eleven skills which are useful for personality development. Student highly motivated due to Dr. Mhetre Sir’s lecture. The programme officer and assistant programme officer were thankful for Sir’s visit to special winter camp at Nandlapur.

The day ended with meeting of volunteers for 6th day activity.

Day 6 : First aid training and road safety programme

Second last day of camp was full of the variety of activities.

The day was started with yoga practice. After that a team of Road safety programme came. Ms. Vaishali Patiil, PI of Karad, has given direction towards road safety. The department has distributed pamphlet of different signs. These signs are useful for safe driving.

Then 5-7 doctors , one of them was anesthetist , of Krishna Hospital, Karad came over the camp to conduct first aid training. This training is beneficial for first aid treatment against cardiac arrest. Dr. has demonstrated these aids with different situation of cardiac arrest and how to save the life of affected person.

The third activity on the same day is Haldi-kunku. Its duration of Makar sankranti festival. In this duration, the ritual is those females are doing haldi kunku and donate some articles called as ‘vaan’. On this occasion, the girl volunteers have donated mask to create awareness against corona virus. After the lunch, the male volunteers brought all the materials related to soak pit. And last activity of today is lecture of dietitian. Mrs. Kulkarni gave different tips of nutritional diet. The volunteers have really admitted their wrong habit of eating fast food.

Day 7 : Preparation of soak pit and Valedictory session

This is last day of camp. The male volunteers have already dig the pit. They brought all the material of soak pit. The volunteers fitted the pipe. It is covered, porous chamber that allows water to slowly soak into the ground and pre-settled sewage from the septic tank is release to the underground chamber from where it infiltrates into the neighboring soils.

While 2-3 group of volunteers went for conducting a survey. A survey is related to create awareness for vaccination of corona virus and the villagers can protect themselves with three best solutions, that are maintain social distancing, weak mask and wash the hand regularly.

In the afternoon session, the volunteers wanted to say thank to the three lady villagers who always support to them by offering them saplings. This is third year, the unit has conducted a winter camp in the same village. After that, some of the NSS volunteers expressed their views about their enriching experience of the camp. Mrs. Shashikala Shirke, Sarpanch, Nandlapur, congratulated all the NSS volunteers and appreciated the initiative taken by the NSS unit of the institute. The programme officer and assistant programme officer share their views and congratulate all the volunteers for the successful end of the camp.