At the Yashwantrao Mohite Institute of Management, the research and consultancy activities have been integrated with the teaching and learning programmes. The students are encouraged to undertake a course in Research Methodology, seek assignments with the industry during the summer and work on some problems or issues leading to a management action or IT solution.

The faculty is always available to guide the students through their research and are involved in curriculum development, courseware development, systems and case studies, etc. The students are required to be involved in industry-based software development, system administration and e-business solutions. The reports and monograms generated by students and faculty are the important sources of new knowledge, ideas and renewed understanding in the areas of Management and Information Technology.

The institute accepts consultancy projects under the proposed programme of ‘Interface’. The projects are accepted either on their own or in collaboration with other institutes and industries in functional areas of Management and Information Technology. A proposal to start an 'Incubation-Centre' in IT-related areas has also started at the institute. The centre will focus on sponsoring deserving past and present students with exceptional ideas to take up software development. The institute will provide all facilities required for the software development process.

Since 2013, the institute has been recognized as the Research Centre of the Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University). faculty members are working as research guides at the Centre and research students are registered for their doctoral studies in various fields of Management and Computer Applications.

Joint Research Projects (JRP)

YMIM is very proactive towards promotion of research among faculty and students of the institute. A novel idea of Joint Research Projects (JRP) has been introduced which encompasses joint research study by the faculty and student, based upon the summer internship projects carried out by the students. Most of the Summer industry projects focus on the industry study with less of research component. The Faculty Guides identify the summer internship projects having good research value and then together the faculty and the student convert the project into Joint Research Projects.

This endeavour helps develop the research skills of the faculty and students alike. Some JRP are further converted into research papers are then considered for publication in research journals.