R&D Policies

The institute has formulated strict guidelines for the research and development policies. The objective is to ensure that the projects and the research are carried out in a fair and transparent manner.

Project Guide lines for MBA students

At the end of Semester II, each students/Learners shall undertake Summer Internship in an Industry for 50 (Fifty Days). It is mandatory for the Students/Learners to seek written approval from the Faculty Guide about the Topic and the Organization before commencing the Summer Internship.

During Summer Internship Students/Learners are expected to take necessary guidance from the faculty guide / Supervisor allotted by the Institute. To do it effectively they should be in touch with their guide/ Supervisor through e-mail or phone.

Summer Internship Project should be a research project or it may be an operational assignment that involves working by the Students/Learners in an organization.

In this study Students/Learners should focus on

  • Identifying the reasons / factors responsible for the problems faced by the organization
  • Collection of data(Primary & Secondary) related to reasons /factors responsible for these problems
  • Data Analysis tools & interpretation
  • Findings & observations.
  • Suggestions (based on findings & observations) for improving the functioning of the organization.

The learning outcomes and the utility to the organization must be highlighted in Summer Internship Project Report.

In case of an operational assignment

  • Students/Learners are expected to do a project work in an organization wherein they are doing Summer Internship.
  • The Students/Learners should identify specific problems faced by the organization in a functional area in which the assignment is given.
    • Sales - Sales targets are not achieved for a particular product or service in a given period of time.
    • Finance – Mobilization & allocation of financial resources.
    • HR – Increase in employee turnover ratio.

General chapterization of the report shall be as under

  • Introduction and Literature Review: - This chapter will give a reader the background of problem area, specific problem & how you come across it?
  • Company profile: -
  • Objectives of the study:-
  • Data collection: -
  • Data analysis & interpretation: -
  • Findings & observations: -
  • Suggestions:-

Annexure: -

  • Questionnaire
  • References.

Technical details

  • The report shall be printed on A-4 size white bond paper.
  • 12 pt. Times New Roman font shall be used with 1.5 line spacing for typing the report.
  • 1” margin shall be left from all the sides.
  • Considering the environmental issues, Students/Learners are encouraged to print on both sides of the paper.
  • The report shall be hard bound as per the standard format of the cover page given by the Institute and shall be golden embossed.
  • The report should include a Certificate (on company’s letter head) from the company duly signed by the competent authority with the stamp.
  • The report shall be signed by the respective guide(s) & the Director of the Institute 10 (Ten) days before the viva-voce examinations.
  • In addition to this, Students/Learners should prepare two soft copies of their SIP reports & submit one each in Training & Placement Department of the Institute & Library.