Sponsored Projects

In order to ensure that various projects are carried out without any difficulty, financial assistance is provided not only by industry leaders but also by various government agencies. With this financial assistance, different outreach programmes are also undertaken by the institutes.
  • The amount of Rs.5,000/- was granted by DCC Bank Solapur to conduct the survey in village Anand Nagar near Akluj to know and understand the socio-economic condition of the villagers. It was sponsored by DCC Bank in association with NABARD. It was a Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) activity.
  • The amount of Rs.30,000/- was provided by ZP Solapur under Total Sanitation Programme to conduct the PRA and special camping for 5 days to create awareness and the TSP activity.
Sr. No. Name of the Author Name of the Co-author Title Amount Sanctioned Status
1. Dr. P.P.Kothari Dr. S.B.Sawant “Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) by Small and Medium Scale Enterprise (SMEs) around Solapur City and its impact on their Business in COVID-19 Pandemic Situation” 47500 In Process
2. Dr. Prabhat Kumar Dr. S.B.Sawant “Prevalence of Human Resource Management Practices, its Formalisation and Perceived Future Trends at Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of Pune District”.  45000 In Process
3. Dr. M.K.Patil Dr. S.B.Sawant “Development of a Technical Framework to Manage COVID-19 Pandemic in Solapur City”  47500 In Process