Campus Facilities



SASLP offers state-of-the-art infrastructure to accommodate and support the students who will be spending their academic years on the campus. The infrastructure ranges from academic blocks, libraries, hostels, sports facilities and more.


SASLP has well-maintained hostels built for the accommodation of the students during their academic years. All of the rooms have basic facilities, and the students will be able to enjoy their meals at the hostel mess.


As one of the most popular spots of the institute, the canteen offers a wide variety of food, snacks and drinks at reasonable prices. Students can also visit the canteen during their lunch break and free time for recreational purposes.



Students will be able to participate in various sports events organized by the institute. Facilities for different indoor and outdoor sports are also available so that the students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities during their academic years.


Common Room

The institute provides a common room for the students, which is accessible anytime during college hours. The common room is created for the purpose to provide the students with a space where they can rest comfortably and take much-needed breaks.


Students will be able to access banking services in the comfort of the campus. Services such as banking and ATMs are available for all students. This will allow the students to complete all of their banking needs at the campus.

Clinical Facilities

Audiology and vestibular services

SASLP offers different types of audiology and vestibular services to determine the clinical situation of the individuals in relation to their hearing activities. Some of the services provided are hearing screening, audiological assessment and management.

Speech language pathology services

The campus provides well-developed and elite speech-language pathology services to individuals with developmental language disorders, voice disorders, fluency and articulation disorders and more. Speciality clinics are also available to provide evaluation and therapy sessions.

Special education services/Auditory Verbal Therapy

This service is specially developed for children with hearing impairment and those who are in need of specialized education. The individuals can attend individual or group therapy sessions to work on all areas of development and to provide to their special needs.

Tele-rehabilitation services

Individuals with communication disorders can opt for the Tele rehabilitation services offered by SASLP. The experts provide assessment and intervention in the form of therapy and counselling. Caregivers of the individuals with communication disorders can also seek assistance from the services.