Student Activities

Students Clubs

Our college runs various student service clubs. These clubs provide a platform for the students' inter-personal development and help to enhance their leadership qualities. They also promote social awareness. All these groups have different motives and are associated with diverse activities.


Leo Club

The Leo Club is devoted to serving the local, national, and international community through various projects. It provides students with an opportunity to contribute, individually and collectively, to the development of the communities. By organizing fundraising activities, the Leo Club gathers funds which they use to support their chosen goals. The aspect that differentiates Leo clubs from many other service clubs is the hands-on experience in helping others and active involvement of the Leo club members towards helping. The club spends the raised funds on valuable projects.

Rotaract Club of Pune's Yuva

ROTARACT (‘ROTARary in ACTion’) has the same mission as The Rotary Foundation that is to enable its patrons to develop understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health and education and the alleviation of poverty. This makes ROTARACT true “partners in service” and key members of the family of Rotary.

Social Visits

From visiting nearby campus areas to NGOs, ashrams, and orphanages on the outskirts of the city, the Leo Club organizes numerous social visits.

  • The club members visit Matoshree Ashram and Sahara Arhad Ashram.
  • They frequently visit AIDS centres, handicapped homes, and old age homes.
  • They also visit St. Crispins Orphanage.
  • Roaractors gather and move around the city spots on Polio Drop Days as a club venture to spread awareness and deliver the much-needed Polio Drops.

iClan with the tagline “Initiate Innovate Integrate” focuses on the overall development of students. This group aims at providing students with the latest technical information, valuable hands-on practical knowledge, and breathtaking technical experience. Most importantly iClan is not biased to any particular stream of technical education. It welcomes all equally and fairly. Since it is a community, everyone who is a part of the community can come up with ideas and they would be treated with all due reverence.

Mozilla Campus Club

Mozilla Campus Club is run by a team of tech enthusiasts and inquisitive students who interact with other students to make them learn, share, and exchange technical information by organizing various events and workshops. It’s a little bubble in space and time of infinite possibility, where you can get a deeper understanding of the world’s current and upcoming technologies. The club's founder, Adarsh Jha, believes that even if they have just one student who wants to learn, they will deliver the content with the same passion because “Willingness to learn is all that matters.”


The CONCEPTS is an inter-departmental student forum that focuses on student welfare. The group puts its best effort towards enhancing knowledge in both technical and social fields.

Founded in 2003, this group is the result of the efforts of not a few but many dedicated souls who have worked day and night to take this group to this level.


It was founded by a clan of engineers of Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed To Be University) College of Engineering, Pune with the basic intention of the welfare of the student community of the college and society as a whole. With this intention in their mind, they started the journey.


Our college has a well-equipped gymkhana for sports enthusiasts. We have made the sports equipment available to all our students.


We encourage them to participate in sports activities to help them become healthier individuals. Many students from our college have won sports competitions at college, university, state, and national levels.

Cultural Activities

Our college has a very active and enthusiastic Art Circle run by students under the guidance of faculty members. The Art Circle serves as a platform that gives students the opportunity to showcase their hidden talents. The students actively participate in various extracurricular activities including dance, orchestra, fine arts, drama and competitions held by our college and various other institutions.


IEEE Student Chapter

IEEE is a student branch that provides students with the opportunity to show their talent and skills in the technical field. It organizes various events including seminars, workshops, and competitions. Participation in various technical events enhances students’ knowledge and skills and leads to professional networking opportunities.

CSI Student Chapter

The Computer Society of India (CSI) Student Chapter of Bharati Vidyapeeth (DeemedTo Be University) College of Engineering, Pune (BVDUCOEP), established in October 2019, is an active student organization that organizes several technical activities including workshops, competitions, technical symposiums, guest lectures, etc. for its student members. Under the guidance of the Department of Computer Engineering the student chapter has over 100 members and is run by a Student Council and faculty from the department. The CSI BVDUCOEP Student Chapter gives students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge in the field of computing technologies.



Our college organizes a national-level annual tech fest called ‘BHARATIYAM’. It is a team event organized by the students and held under the chairmanship of the Principal. This event is celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal. It helps in developing a spirit of teamwork, enhancing leadership qualities, and inculcating a sense of responsibility besides offering sheer entertainment for students. Some of the events that have received great enthusiasm and participation in the past few years are orchestras, dances, street plays, social awareness Programmes, and various miscellaneous events like quizzes, fishponds, and mad-ads.