Innovation Cell

Dr. Mangal Patil


Prof. Rajesh Ghongade


Prof. M. S. Bewoor


Dr. S. N. Shinde


Prof Yuvraj Throat


Objective of the Cell

  • To nurture and promote Innovation within the Institute.
  • To develop a culture of Innovation and Research within the students and faculty of the institute.
  • To provide accessibility and support with the profound innovators and entrepreneurs to help and support the innovators of the campus.
  • Conduct activities which bridge the knowledge gap of the Interested students and faculty on campus and support them in every possible aspect.
  • To organise field visits to research parks and incubation centres to promote enthusiasm and inspire the students.
  • Provide assistance at every possible level to the concerned students and faculty members
  • To spread awareness and inform the students and faculty about the various schemes of the GoI and MoE for the research work and grants, and help to awail those grants.

Activities conducted in AY 2020-21

  • Workshop on Innovation and Design Thinking
  • Workshop on Process Design & Development: Prototyping
  • Workshop on Essential Steps Towards Product Design
  • Idea Competition 2021

Activities conducted in AY 2019-20

  • Idea Competition 2020
  • Field Visit to Bharati Hospital
  • Slogan on Innovation Competition
  • NLAP 2020
  • Expert Talk on Innovation and Research
  • Workshop on NISP
  • Leadership Talk by MIC