Vision, Objectives & Goal

  • Our Vision

The College of Nursing Aspires to be a Model of Excellence through dynamic programs, innovative practices, and Research.

Objective of the Nursing College

  • To prepare nurses and midwives who will practice competently and safely in diverse settings, integrating professional caring into practice decisions through respect for the dignity, worth, and uniqueness of self and others.

UG Programme Goal

On completion of the program, the nursing graduates will be able to utilize critical thinking to synthesize knowledge in the practice of professional nursing and midwifery in both hospitals as well as a community set up for the betterment of the Global Society.

PG Programme Goal

To prepare nurse specialists with an in-depth understanding of concepts, theories of advanced nursing practice, and research to generate new knowledge in Nursing.

The mission of this institute-

  • To provide inclusive borderless access to nursing education based on merit.
  • To offer various nursing programs to meet the changing and diverse needs of society in a global context.
  • To provide quality nursing education for liberation of mind and empowerment of hands.
  • To promote quality research in diverse areas of development and engage in the application of knowledge for community development.
  • To develop national and international networks with industry, service sector, and other academic and research institutions to meet the expectations of various stakeholders.
  • To promote extensive use of ICT for the enrichment of teaching learning and effective governance.
  • To make quality an integral part of all institutional operations by promoting innovative practices.