Established in 1992, the Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (IHMCT) is located in the Pune campus of Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University. Dr Patangrao Kadam, the founder of Bharati Vidyapeeth, established the institute after realizing the increasing importance of Hotel Management/Hospitality as a profession and industry along with the need for education in the Hotel Management sector.

Since its establishment, IHMCT has proved itself as an ideal institute for Hotel Management education due to the quality professional hospitality education. During their academic years, the students obtain knowledge and specific skills necessary to live successful lives and to grow into positions of influence and leadership in their chosen profession. Through the offered courses, the students are prepared to have successful careers.

The institute has aimed to create a specialized method of teaching that covers the likes of the students as well as the employer. Due to the institute’s focus on professional grooming and attitude, the hotels aim to recruit IHMCT students because of their values that are essential in the present competitive world.


Built over a sprawling area of 4,500 sq. meters, the institute building provides students with the best infrastructure facilities to support their academic journey. Students have access to classrooms, a library and well-equipped laboratories.

Pune, popularly known as Oxford of the East, is located on the Deccan Plateau, 560 meters above sea level with an area of 700 sq. km. The city has pleasant weather, and the temperature ranges between a minimum of 10 ⁰C to a maximum of 37 ⁰C.