A message from President, Alumni Association: BVDUIHMCT, Pune

Dear Alumni,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Alumni Association at BVDUIHMCT.Pune. The association has been formed, to help our alumni stay connected with their Alma- matter, BVDUIHMCT, Pune; and to support and guide you in your past-academic life and career. Our BVDUIHMCT, Pune, alumni family is huge with more than 6000 alumni spread all over India and Abroad. We recognize Alumni Meets,events and get- together to help you network with your colleagueand seniours in the Institute. As an Alumnus,there are ways to give back to your Alma-mater by providing your valuable inputs,experience,and knowledge to your juniour in the Institute through demonstrations,expert lecture and interactions.

We honoured to be associated with our Alumni,who are well palced successfully making their career in the Hospitality & Allied sectors,since the last 32 years of the inception of the institute since 1992,which was a part of the vision of our Founder Chanceller Hon.Dr. Patangrao Kadam,”Social Transformation through Dynamic Education”. We look forward to taking his vision of our Founder,further by moulding students from diverse background to successful hospitality professionals.

So thank you for visiting with us today, and please come back often. I encourage you to explore all that we have to offer to stay connected and make yourself and BVDUIHMCT, Pune stronger.


With warmest regard,

Prof.Amar V Chavan