Student Activities

IHMCT is the home of various student activities ranging from clubs to sports and culture. Through student activities, the institute aims to promote unity and talent. Students are encouraged to participate in the different competitions, programmes and seminars that are occasionally held by the administration.

Student Clubs

During their academic years, the students can apply and participate in various student clubs. The main objective of the clubs is to unravel the talents and potential of the students and build their networking and teamwork skills.

Culture Activities

Culture activities will allow the students to build their intellect, talent and have a well-balanced life on the campus. Students will be able to participate in the different local cultural programmes held in the institute as well as Pune.

Some of the prominent cultural activities are given below.

  • Food Festival – Regular event in the institute.
  • Seminars – Held for prominent speakers of the industry to share their views, experience and expertise with the students and faculty.
  • Chef Competition – Students are able to display their skills and creativity.
  • Cocktail Competition – Held to give the students an opportunity to master the art of making cocktails.
  • Cake Decoration Competition – An innovative competition for all skilled bakers.
  • Flower Arrangement Competition – Gives the students an opportunity to be imaginative and creative.
  • Special Events – Students are able to gain experience by working at VIP events.
  • Cookery and Bakery Demonstration – Held for the students to understand new concepts of cooking and baking.
  • Outdoor Catering – It is a good platform for industry-institution interaction.
  • Pickle Jar – Students can display their writing and creative skills by working for the Pickle Jar, which is a bi-monthly newsletter of the institute.
  • Chef Club – A club exclusively for those students who love to cook.
  • Field Visits – Students are often taken on field visits to know the new procedures and processes followed in the industry.