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Indian Gravies Pre-mix workshop

On the ocassion of 79 th birth anniversary of our beloved Dr. Patangrao kadam jee saheb an Indian Gravies Pre-mix workshop was organised on 12 th Jan, 2023 for self help groups and women by BVDU- IHMCT, Pune in collaboration with Yashashree groups led by leading corporator Ashwini taai Kadam at Suparna Hall near Aranyeshwar, Pune.

Almost 150 women of various age groups and strata attended the same.

Dr. Jyoti Peshave and Ms. Awanti Hodlur -Asso. Prof at the college conducted the same. They demonstrated and narrated the recipes of most popular 4 types of indian gravies: White, Red, Brown and Green. They further demonstrated variations that can be made out of these gravies like Aloo mutter, Palak paneer, Paneer butter masala, methi matar malai, mix veg etc.

Also various kitchen tips were shared like nutritional aspects to be kept in mind, storage points, cooking and garnishing ideas etc. Further a round of question answer session was addressed for queries asked by audience.

Overall the session was organised to encourage women to undertake entrepreneurial activities by sharing the trade secrets. Principal Dr. L. S. Chirmulay and Dr. Sunita Sangle encouraged faculty to organise such workshops for societal benefits alligning with goal of our Honble Founder Dr. Patangraojee Kadam Saheb.