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Theme Lunch Buffet for students of SYBSc-1

To give hands-on learning experience to students BVDUIHMCT, Pune on Wednesday 1st March 2023, efficiently organized a theme Lunch Buffet for students of SYBSc -1 Department of Food production, Under the guidance of Prof Amar Chavan contributed towards this event and had a role of delivering their services in a facon de François ( French Way ) Duties were assigned, groups were formed and every single person assigned duty, had represented and help in constituting a dish from menu , which turned out beautiful art when conferred all together.The students make sure that when guest had their lunch ,the soul of France the sub conscious mind through décor ,ambience, and mainly food presented and served on buffet counter.Guest from around the campus were invited and greeted to enjoy delectable larder buffet spread ,with flawless service provided by other departments apart from culinary.Buffet as well as live counter was also setup for the convenience of the guest.We as being the student of production ,got to learn ,about team coordination and synergism ,planning and assembling, methods of working smart and many more qualities which cannot be describe in few sentences .A token of thanks was given to guest from SYBSc Div 1 for their valuable time .At the end ,every guest gave their feedbacks and shared their opinions on how they has connected to the culture of France ,just for that cherishing movement, recounted how important is our participation , determination and collegiality was for them ,and with gratitude wished the whole team of operation for our future endeveours.

You can accomplish anything, anything at all, if you set your mind to it. One must adopt a can-do-anything attitude. You were a professional. You didn't say no, not ever. You didn't complain. You didn't get tired. And you showed up, no matter what. You got there. Nothing but nothing kept you from reaching that kitchen" -Michael Ruhlman, The Making of a Chef: Mastering Heat at the Culinary Institute of America.

List of honorable Guests:

  • 1) Dr.Kirti Gupta, Director, IQAC, BVDU
  • 2) Dr. S.R.Patil, Principal, BVWCOE
  • 3) CA Aishwarya Hardikar, Finance Officer, BVDU