2017 to 2021

Grants for research projects sponsored by the government agencies during the year (INR in Lakhs) Name of the Scheme/Project/ Endowments/ Chairs Name of the Principal Investigator/ Co Investigator (if applicable) Name of the Funding agency Type (Government/Non-Government) Department Year of Award Funds provided (INR in lakhs) Duration of the project
1 Cervical Cancer Knowledge And Human Papilloma Virus Vaccination Hesitancy In Adolescent Girls In Pune- A Quasi Experimental Study. Anusha Mittal ICMR STS Government Community Medicine 2019 0.2 4
2 Death Audit Of Registered Tuberculosis Patients In Pune Municipal Corporation Area Dr. Prakash Doke RNTCP, Govt. of Maharashtra Government Community Medicine 2018 1 8
3 Verification Of Sub National Claims For TB Free Status In India ,2020 Dr J S Gothankar ICME- National institute of Epidemiology Government Community Medicine 2021 2.44 1
4 Verification Of Sub National Claims For TB Free Status In India, 2020 Dr J S Gothankar ICME- National Institute of Epidemiology Government Community Medicine 2021 2.44 1
5 Multi Cultural Aspects Of Active Ageing: A Cooperative Study Between Sweden And India Prof.Sanat De Indian Council Of Medical Research Government Nursing 2020 11.72142 3 Years
6 Graphite Nanoplatelates Anchored Ultrafiltration Membranes For Heavy Metal Separation Dr. Yogesh Chendake (PI) and Dr. Sachin Chavan (co-PI) DST- Nanomission Government Chemical Engineering 2018 5 2 years 4 months
7 Project Management Unit for Geospatial Capacity Building Program of the NRDMS Dr. Shamita Kumar Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt. of India (NGP) Government Department of Geoinformatics 2020 14 2 years (2019-2021)
8 Conducting 21 Days Summer/Winter School (Level-2) On “Geospatial Science And Technology” Dr. Kranti Yardi Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt. of India (NRDMS) Government Department of Geoinformatics 2021 6 1 year
9 EMR Scheme. Project Title: 'Validation Of Traditional Unani Plant Products And Ingredietns For Anticancer Effect On Hepatocellular Carcinoma' PI: Dr. Alpana S. Moghe,Associate Professor, BVU Rajiv Gandhi Institute of IT & Biotechnology; CoPi:1) Dr. Narendra Bhatt Adjuct Professor, BVU COA, 2) Dr. Manasi Deshpande, Professor, BVU COA and 3) Dr. Ghazalla Mulla, Asst. Professor, ZVM Unani Medical College, Pune Ministry of AYUSH, New Delhi Governement of India Department of Cell & Molecular Biology, Rajiv Gandh Institute of IT & Biotechnology 2017 10.17536 3 Years. With Extension upto March 2022
10 EMR Scheme. Project Title: 'Development Of Genetically Tailored Organotypic Model Of Human Intestine For Study Of Enteroviruses' PI: Dr. Alpana S. Moghe, Associate Professor, BVU Rajiv Gandhi Institute of IT & Biotechnology; CoI: Dr. Shyam Sunder Nandi, Asst. Director, NIV, Mumbai (ICMR) ICMR Governement of India Department of Cell & Molecular Biology, Rajiv Gandh Institute of IT & Biotechnology 2021 26.0266 2 Years
11 Influence Of Maternal One-Carbon (1C) Metabolism In Placental Function, Fetal Growth And Programming Dr. Sadhana Joshi DBT Government Mother and Child Health 2018 72.0518 3 yrs
12 Investigating Mechanisms Leading To Preeclampsia Dr. Sadhana Joshi ICMR Government Mother and Child Health 2017 139.72592 5 yrs
13 Epigenetic Regulation Of Angiogenic Factors In Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) And Non-ART Derived Placentae Dr. Deepali Sundrani DBT Government Mother and Child Health 2019 20.20577 3 yrs
14 Capacity Enhancement Of National Immunogenicity And Biologics Evaluation Center For Assessing The Immunogenicity Of SARS Cov Vaccine Dr AC Mishra DBT-BIRAC 2 Government Communicable Diseases 2021 670.79 1 year
15 Evaluation Of Circulatory Biomarkers For Disease Severity In Hepatitis E Dr Shubham Shrivastava Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Government Communicable Diseases 2020 21.82 2 Years
16 Establishment Of National Centre For Immunogenicity Testing, NCIT To Evaluate Vaccines In Clinical Trials Dr AC Mishra DBT-BIRAC 1 Government Communicable Diseases 2019 375 4 Years
17 Development Of Potent Adjuvanted Respiratory Syncytial Virus Vaccine For Mucosal Delivery Dr Harshad Patil DBT-Wellcome India Alliance Government Communicable Diseases 2019 19.21624 5 years
18 Evaluation Of Different Adjuvants For Development Of Potent Chikungunya Vaccine Dr Harshad Patil DST-SERB Government Communicable Diseases 2018 7.5 3 years
19 Phytochemical Standardization And Evaluation Of Anti-Cancer And Immunomodulatory Activity Of Unani Formulation, Itrifal Gudadi”. Dr. Ruchika Kaul Ghanekar EOI AYUSH CCRUM Government Cancer Research 2020 12.16 3 years
20 Evaluating The Effect Of Alpha Lenolenic Acid (ALA), On Omega 3 Fatty Acid,On Modulation Of Epigenetic Markers In The Cervical Cancer Cell Lines Dr. Ruchika Kaul Ghanekar DST SERB Government Cancer Research 2018 10 3 years
21 Comparing Vaginal Microflora Diversity Between Healthy And Cervical Cancer Women For Identifying Isolates Having Probiotic And Anticancer Potential Dr. Ashwini Kamble DST WOS Government Cancer Research 2018 10.55 3 years
22 Effect Of Yoga Intervention On Skeletal Muscle Linked Glucose Homeostasis In Prediabetic Individuals Dr. Supriya Bhalerao DST-SATYAM Government Obesity Diabetes 2018 13 2 years
23 ICAR- AICRP-Linseed Value Addition Centre Dr. M. V. Hegde ICAR Government CINHD-IRSHA 2015 15.664 Centre awarded From April-2015 onwards
24 Evaluation Of Efficacy Of Novel Stabilized Omega-3-Fatty Acid And Antioxidants Formulation For The Prevention And Treatment Of Metabolic Syndrome Dr. Anand Zanwar SERB Government CINHD-IRSHA 2017 3.53745 3 Years
25 ICSSR-MHRD Indian Council Of Social Science Research Dr. Kirti Gupta ICSSR New Delhi Government Management Studies 2019 3.9 18 Months

Constituent Unit Specific Sanctioned Grant Constituent Unit Source of funding (Semi-Govt / Govt/ BVDU / Others) Amount Sanctioned during 2019-20 Amount Received during 2019-20 Details of agency and project -Major , Minor etc
1 BVDU,College of Ayurved, Pune Government 8877619 3713691 Major- 1.ICMR, New Delhi 2. AYUSH Ministry of Ayurved, New Delhi
2 College of Nursing, Pune Government 1105396 1105396 ICMR - Major project- Multicultural aspects of active ageing a cooperative study between Sweden and India
3 NLC, Pune Government 50000 50000 Unnat Bharat Abhiyan
4   Government 25000 25000 Maharashtra State Commission for women grant
5   Others 64120 64120 NHRC Grant
6 YMC, Pune Government Nil 7329  
7 Social science centre, Pune others 560343 560343 Behavior Change Communication – Health Promotion Amongst Adolescents
8   others 1100000 1100000 Micro Enterprises for Women
9   others 300000 300000 Capacity Building of Govt. Functionaries – Breast Feeding Week, Nutrition Week, Women’s Day Celebration
10 YCSSR        
11 IRSHA, Pune Government 160000000 0 DBT-BIRAC Major; Title :Establishment of National Centre for Immunogenicity Testing, NCIT to evaluate vaccines in clinical trials (Sanctioned 2018-19)
12 IRSHA, Pune Government 68153000 13524000 ICMR; Major; Title :Investigating Mechanisms Leading to Preeclampsia (Sanctioned in 2017-18)
13 IRSHA, Pune Government 40010000 6700000 ICMR + Serum institute of India; Major; Title :Establishment of a novel Electronic Surveillance System for dengue in Pune: an initiative for Smart Cities Mission (Sanctioned in 2017-18)
14 IRSHA, Pune Government 34384000 7717000 DBT - Wellcome India Alliance; Awarded to Dr. Ashwini Hinge; Major; Title :Regulation of hematopoietic stem cell function in obesity by mitochondrial metabolism (Sanctioned 2018-19)
15 IRSHA, Pune Government 74344000 0 DBT CIHR Major; Title :Early interventions to support trajectories for healthy life in India (HELTI) (Einstein)(sanctione 2018-19)
16 IRSHA, Pune Government 16198000 1404000 DBT; Major; Title :Influence of Maternal One-carbon (1C) Metabolism in Placental Function, Fetal Growth and Programming (Sanctioned 2017-18)
17 IRSHA, Pune Government 16893000 2311000 DBT - Wellcome India Alliance; Awarded to Dr. Harshad Patil; Major; Title :Development of potent adjuvanted respiratory syncytial virus vaccine for mucosal delivery (sanctioned 2018-19)
18 IRSHA, Pune Government 8195000 2181000 ICMR; Major; Title :Evaluation of circulatory biomarkers for disease severity in hepatitis E
19 IRSHA, Pune Government 8991000 1999000 DBT- Reproductive Biology; Major; Title :Epigenetic regulation of angiogenic factors in assisted reproductive technology (ART) and non-ART derived placentae
20 IRSHA, Pune Government 4674000 0 DST-SATYAM; Major; Title :Effect of Yoga intervention on skeletal muscle linked glucose homeostasis in pre-diabetic individuals
21 IRSHA, Pune Government 4639000 1601000 DBT-BioCARe; Major; Title:Platelet derived exosomes and their role in endothelial dysfunction in dengue infection (Sanctioned 2018-19)
22 IRSHA, Pune Government 4048000 0 DST; Major; Title:Pro-neurotrophins/p75 Ntr signalling contributes to increased apoptosis in preterm placentae (Sanctioned 2017-18)
23 IRSHA, Pune Government 3550000 1239000 DBT-BioCARe; Major; Title:Epigenetic regulation of placental peroxisome proliferator activated receptor (PPAR) in women delivering low birth weight babies (Sanctioned 2018-19)
24 IRSHA, Pune Government 3422000 1511000 DHR; Major; Title: Immune response of Indian preterm infants to pentavalent vaccine (Sanctioned 2017-18)
25 IRSHA, Pune Government 3222000 450000 DST; Major; Title:Evaluation of different adjuvants for development of potent chikungunya vaccine (sanctioned 2017-18)
26 IRSHA, Pune Government 2832000 644000 Ministry of Ayush; Major; Title:Evaluation of triphala & trimad for their effects on adipocytes biology and Lipid metabolism (Completed in Jan, 2019)
27 IRSHA, Pune Government 2500000 2500000 DST SERB + Industry; Major; Title:Extraction of bioactive lignan and development of value added products from flaxseed
28 IRSHA, Pune Government 1270000 1270000 EMR AYUSH (CCRUM); Major; Title:Evaluating the anticancer activity and mechanism of action of Unani formulation Habbe Musaffi Khoon against cervical cancer
29 IRSHA, Pune Government 1197000 1263000 ICAR-AICRP-Linseed Value Addition Centre; Major; Title:Linseed Value Addition (sanctioned 2017-18)
30 IRSHA, Pune Government 900000 900000 DST SERB ; Major; Title: Evaluation of different adjuvants for development of potent chikungunya vaccine (Sanctioned 2017-18)
31 IRSHA, Pune Government 770000 0 EMR AYUSH (CCRH) ; Major; Title: Evaluating the anticancer activity of homeopathic preparation of Linum usitatissimum in breast cancer
32 IRSHA, Pune Government 710000   EMR AYUSH (CCRH) ; Major; Title: Evaluating the anticancer activity of different higher homeopathic potencies (200C, 1M, 10M, 50M, CM) of Terminalia chebula (TC) in breast cancer cell lines and analyzing the best potency for activity against in vivo breast cancer model
33 IRSHA, Pune Government 600000   DST; Major; Title: Evaluating the effect of Alpha linolenic acid (ALA), an omega 3 fatty acid, on modulation of epigenetic markers in cervical cancer cell lines.(sanctioned 2018-19)
34 IRSHA, Pune Government 521000   EOI Unani; Major; Title: Phytochemical standardization and evaluation of anti-cancer and immunomodulatory activity of Unani formulation, Itrifal Gudadi
35 IRSHA, Pune Government 600000 600000 National level programme Sanctioned by Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth (RAV), Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India; Title: Orientation training programme of Ayurveda for Non-Ayurveda doctors and scientist
36 IRSHA, Pune Others 259000   Mi-lifestyle marketing global Pvt Ltd. Title:Preparation of Ayurvedic claim substantiation document
37 IRSHA, Pune Others 18,79,830 POUNDS   Medical Research Council , UK; Title: OPTIMISE: Optimal preconception nutrition to offset inflammation and non-communicable disease risk in pregnant women and their children (Yet to be Initiated)
38 IRSHA, Pune BVDU 0 92000 Ayurvedic + Medical College; Outsourcing for biochemical investigations
39 IRSHA, Pune Others   30000 ISATAM
40 IRSHA, Pune Others   20000 Sakaal Foundation
41 IRSHA, Pune Others   538000 Solitarius
42 IRSHA, Pune Others   75000 OTP Symposium
43 IRSHA, Pune Government 1438000 599000 DST Inspire JRF/SRF; Ms. Akriti Sahay; Student fellowship; Title:Regional Differences in Neurotrophin Regulation of Vascularization in Preeclamptic Placentae
44 IRSHA, Pune Government 1622000 592000 ICMR SRF; Ms. Anjali Jadhav; Student fellowship; Title:Role of selected phytochemicals in targeting tumor associated macrophages in breast cancer
45 IRSHA, Pune Government 1496000 837000 ICMR RA;Ms. Amrita Khaire; Student Fellowship; Title
46 IRSHA, Pune Government 1820000 0 CSIR JRF/SRF; Ms. Juhi Nema; Student fellowship; Title:Maternal Vitamin D and its Association with Angiogenesis in Preeclampsia
47 IRSHA, Pune Government 1820000 0 CSIR JRF/SRF; Ms.Kinjal Dave; Student fellowship; Title:Association of one carbon metabolites with placental epigenetic patterns in preeclampsia
48 IRSHA, Pune Government 1820000 542000 DST Inspire JRF/SRF; Ms. Vaishali Kasture; Student fellowship; Title:One Carbon Cycle Metabolites and Apoptosis in Preeclampsia
49 IRSHA, Pune Government 21 0 UGCJRF/SRF; Ms. Anindita Batabiyal; Student fellowship; Title:Association of Vitamin D and fatty acid metabolism in Pre-eclampsia
50 IRSHA, Pune Government 25.25 5.09 DBT JRF/SRF; Mr. Amol Choudhary; Student fellowship; Title:Role of selected phytochemicals in targeting tumor associated macrophages in breast cancer
51 IRSHA, Pune Government 25.25 7.03 DBT JRF; Ms.Akansha Mahajan; Student fellowship; Title:Evaluation of anti-cancer potential of selected phytochemicals against breast cancer
52 IRSHA, Pune Government 22.57 4.51 DST Inspire JRF/SRF;Student Fellowship; Rama Rajadnya; Title :
53 IRSHA, Pune Government 16.22 5.41 ICMR SRF;Ms. Mrunal Gosavi; Student fellowship; Title:Development of adjuvanted chikungunya vaccine for systemic delivery.
54 IRSHA, Pune Government 1.62 1.62 CSIR JRF; Mr. Manoj Khavate; Student fellowship; Title:Standardization of selected Embelia spp (Vidanga) . traditionally used Herbal medicine.
55 IMED, Pune Government 27500 27500 Maharashtra State Commission for Women grant - for Digital Literacy
56 AKIMSS, Solapur Government 200000 150000 For arranging National Level Conference on "Arth Parishad" held on 31-10-2019, 01-11-2019, 02-11-2019 by ICSSR, New Delhi