The University has contributed to creation of new knowledge through quality research done by its faculty during the post accreditation period.

The number of research papers published in peer reviewed journals with relevant information is given below year wise:

Sr.No Title of paper Name of the author/s Name of journal Year of publication
1 Modal Analysis Of Ultrasonic Stack Assembly Jadhav D.B., Jadhav P.V., Bilgi D.S. Techno-Societal 2018 - Proceedings Of The 2nd International Conference On Advanced Technologies For Societal Applications 2020
2 Experimental Investigation Of Crack For Tensile Loading Condition By Using Hole Drilling Method Borate H.P., Jadhav P., Khomane S.M., Wangikar S.S., Anuse U.L. Techno-Societal 2018 - Proceedings Of The 2nd International Conference On Advanced Technologies For Societal Applications 2020
3 Cfd Based Analysis Of Simple T-Junction And Y-Junction Micro Mixers With Different Obstacles Gidde R.R., Pawar P.M., Ronge B.P., Jadhav P.V. Techno-Societal 2018 - Proceedings Of The 2nd International Conference On Advanced Technologies For Societal Applications 2020
4 Linear Static Analysis And Dynamic Analysis Of A Mono-Tyre Bike Wheel Inner-Hub Design Using Finite Element Analysis Sah A., Jadhav P.V., Singh M. Techno-Societal 2018 - Proceedings Of The 2nd International Conference On Advanced Technologies For Societal Applications 2020
5 Development And Validation Of Transportation Methodology By Predicting Dynamic Behavior Of Container For Safe Transportation Pachpore S.S., Botre M.K., Patil A.S., Jadhav P.V. Techno-Societal 2018 - Proceedings Of The 2nd International Conference On Advanced Technologies For Societal Applications 2020
6 New Record Of Two Combtooth Blennies, Omobranchus Zebra (Bleeker 1868) And Omobranchus Smithi (Rao 1974) (Blenniiformes: Blenniidae) From West Bengal, India With A Key To Species Of Omobranchus From India Chakraborty P., Yardi K., Sindha P. Journal Of Fish Taxonomy 2020
7 Central Precocious Puberty: A Case Report Mahajan Z., Mehta S. Medical Journal Of Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth 2020
8 Probiotics As Potential Producer Of Phytase Rane M.A., Tale V.S. Current Topics In Peptide And Protein Research 2020
9 Exploring The Role Of Oxidative Stress, Fatty Acids And Neurotrophins In Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Jadhav A., Khaire A., Joshi S. Growth Factors 2020
10 Rider-Rank Algorithm-Based Feature Extraction For Re-Ranking The Webpages In The Search Engine Sankpal L.J., Patil S.H. Computer Journal 2020
11 Optimization Of Multiple Performance Characteristics Of Surface Micro-Textured Journal Bearing Shinde A.B., Pawar P.M., Ronge B.P., Bhuse P.K., Parkhe A.K., Jadhav P.V. Techno-Societal 2018 - Proceedings Of The 2nd International Conference On Advanced Technologies For Societal Applications 2020
12 Occurrence Climatology Of Equatorial Plasma Bubbles (Epbs) Using Optical Observations Over Kolhapur, India During Solar Cycle-24 Gurav O.B., Ghodpage R.N., Patil P.T., Samireddipalle S., Sharma A.K., Taori A.K., Shetti D.J. Annals Of Geophysics 2020
13 Evaluation Of Ceftriaxone-Sulbactam-Disodium Edetate Adjuvant Combination Against Multi-Drug Resistant Gram-Negative Organisms Gupta S., Kumar M., Shergill S.P.S., Tandel K. African Journal Of Laboratory Medicine 2020
14 A Critical Analysis Of CTRI Registered AYUSH Studies For COVID- 19 Bhapkar V., Sawant T., Bhalerao S. Journal Of Ayurveda And Integrative Medicine 2020
15 Content Modelling For Unbiased Information Analysis GAYAKWAD M., Patil S. Library Philosophy And Practice 2020
16 Plasma Osteocalcin Levels, Status Of Oral Disease And Alteration In Mandibular Bone Density In Postmenopausal Women Venkatesh D., Rajora P., Sagare S.V., Bagga S.K., Kaur P., Gandhi V. Journal Of Contemporary Dental Practice 2020
17 Studies On The Effect Of Nitrate Esters On The Properties Of Advanced Energetic Propellants Kumar A., Chavan P.V., Sadavarte V.S., Bhowmik D., 2a S.S.N.M.S., Pande S.M. Central European Journal Of Energetic Materials 2020
18 Assessing Brand Love, Brand Sacredness And Brand Fidelity Towards Halal Brands Joshi R., Garg P. Journal Of Islamic Marketing 2020
19 Bone-Miniscrew Contact And Surface Element Deposition On Orthodontic Miniscrews After Ultraviolet Photofunctionalization Rampurawala A.H., Patil A.S., Bhosale V.I. International Journal Of Oral And Maxillofacial Implants 2020
20 D-Α-Tocopherol Polyethylene Glycol Succinate And Stearoylmacrogol Glycerides Biomaterial Based Nanostructured Mixed Micelles As Nose-To-Brain Targeting Drug Delivery System Bothiraja C., Dhage K., Kamble R. Materials Technology 2020
21 IDEA: Intellect Database For Emotion Analysis Using EEG Signal Joshi V.M., Ghongade R.B. Journal Of King Saud University - Computer And Information Sciences 2020
22 Kurtosis Maximisation For Blind Speech Separation In Hindi Speech Processing System Using Swarm Intelligence And ICA Patil M., Chitode J.S. International Journal Of Biomedical Engineering And Technology 2020
23 A Comparative Evaluation Of The Antibacterial Efficacy Of Thymus Vulgaris, Salvadora Persica, Acacia Nilotica, Calendula Arvensis, And 5% Sodium Hypochlorite Against Enterococcus Faecalis: An In-Vitro Study Gupta D., Kamat S., Hugar S., Nanjannawar G., Kulkarni1 R. Journal Of Conservative Dentistry 2020
24 In Silico Identification Of Small Molecule Modulators For Disruption Of Hsp90–Cdc37 Protein–Protein Interaction Interface For Cancer Therapeutic Application Dike P.P., Bhowmick S., Eldesoky G.E., Wabaidur S.M., Patil P.C., Islam M.A. Journal Of Biomolecular Structure And Dynamics 2020
25 Development Of Sustained Release Oseltamivir Phosphate Dry Powder Inhaler: In-Vitro Characterization And In-Vivo Toxicological Studies Sahastrabudhe H., Kenjale P., Pokharkar V. Current Drug Delivery 2020
26 Assessment Of The Effectiveness Of A Pharmacist Approach For Improving Disease-Specific Knowledge And Treatment In Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Sajith M., Bargaje M.D., Gharat S., Mathew J., Varghese A. European Journal Of Hospital Pharmacy 2020
27 Herbal And Natural Dietary Products: Upcoming Therapeutic Approach For Prevention And Treatment Of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Mandlik D.S., Mandlik S.K. Nutrition And Cancer 2020
28 Probiotic Characterization And Cholesterol Assimilation Ability Of Pichia Kudriavzevii Isolated From The Gut Of The Edible Freshwater Snail “Pila Globosa” Kathade S., Aswani M., Anand P.K., Nirichan B. Egyptian Journal Of Aquatic Biology And Fisheries 2020
29 Cyber Security Measures For Internet Of Things Devices Gupta S.K., Vanjale S. International Journal Of Engineering Research And Technology 2020
30 A Systematic Review On The Efficacies And Therapeutic Interventions Of Homoeopathic Medicines In Combating Viral Disorders With Implications In The Currently Undergoing Homoeopathic Treatment Efforts For SARS-Cov-2 Infection (COVID-19) Dey J.K., Mukherjee A., Dey S.K., Pramanik A., Giri S., Pratap M. International Journal Of High Dilution Research 2020
31 Poly(Lactic-Co-Glycolic Acid)-Polyethylene Glycol Copolymer For Long-Acting Injectable: Synthesis, Characterization, And In-Vivo Study Kamble R., Kulkarni M., Korake S., Pawar A., Dhekale K. Thai Journal Of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2020
32 Notes On The Occurrence Of A Rare Pufferfish, Chelonodontops Leopardus (Day, 1878) (Tetraodontiformes: Tetraodontidae), In The Freshwaters Of Payaswini River, Karnataka, India Chakraborty P., Mishra S.S., Yardi K. Journal Of Threatened Taxa 2020
33 Prediction Of Crop Yield Using Fuzzy-Neural System Garg B., Sah T. EAI/Springer Innovations In Communication And Computing 2020
34 The Role Of Oxidants And Antioxidants In Chronic Tonsillitis Chethana R., Devan P.P., Sushmitha K. Indian Journal Of Otolaryngology And Head And Neck Surgery 2020
35 Utility Of Emergency Call Centre, Dispatch And Ambulance Data For Syndromic Surveillance Of Infectious Diseases: A Scoping Review Duijster J.W., Doreleijers S.D.A., Pilot E., Van Der Hoek W., Kommer G.J., Van Der Sande M.A.B., Krafft T., Van Asten L.C.H.I. European Journal Of Public Health 2020
36 Continuous Electro Coagulation Process For The Distillery Spent Wash Using Al Electrodes Wagh M.P., Ne2e P.D., Jadhav P. Techno-Societal 2018 - Proceedings Of The 2nd International Conference On Advanced Technologies For Societal Applications 2020
37 In Search Of Novel Tau Kinase Inhibitors And Their Role In Alzheimer’s Therapy Jain A.K., Malla S., Karthikeyan C., Tiwari A.K., Trivedi P., Konar A.D. A Closer Look At Kinase Inhibition 2020
38 Comparative Efficacy Of Hand Disinfection Potential Of And Sanitizer And Liquid Soap Among Dental Students: A Randomized Controlled Trial Khairnar M.R., Anitha G., Dalvi T.M., Kalghatgi S., Datar U.V., Wadgave U., Shah S., Preet L. Indian Journal Of Critical Care Medicine 2020
39 Micrornas And Their Role In Viral Infection Tiraki D. Dynamics Of Immune Activation In Viral Diseases 2020
40 Cross Talk Of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor And Neurotrophins In Mammary Gland Development Dangat K., Khaire A., Joshi S. Growth Factors 2020
41 Pheochromocytoma With An Unusual Presentation Goel R., Srinivasan S., Khadatkar A., Banerjee J.K. Medical Journal Armed Forces India 2020
42 Isolation Of Lactobacillus From Donkey Dung And Its Probiotic Characterization Kathade S.A., Aswani M.A., Anand P.K., Jagtap S., Bipinraj N.K. Korean Journal Of Microbiology 2020
43 Elucidation Of Molecular Mechanism Involved In Nephroprotective Potential Of Naringin In Ethylene Glycol-Induced Urolithiasis In Experimental Uninephrectomized Hypertensive Rats Liu J., Han X.C., Wang D., Kandhare A.D., Mukherjee-Kandhare A.A., Bodhankar S.L., Wang K.M. Latin American Journal Of Pharmacy 2020
44 Co-Drug Of Isoniazid And Sulfur Containing Antioxidant For Attenuation Of Hepatotoxicity And Treatment Of Tuberculosis Bhilare N.V., Dhaneshwar S.S., Mahadik K.R., Dasgupta A. Drug And Chemical Toxicology 2020
45 Assessing The Knowledge About Consumer Protection Act And Medical Negligence In A Medical College Setting Ballur M.S. Journal Of Indian Academy Of Forensic Medicine 2020
46 Fault Aware Test Case Prioritization In Regression Testing Using Genetic Algorithm Paygude P., Joshi S.D., Joshi M. International Journal Of Emerging Trends In Engineering Research 2020
47 A Survey On The Internet Of Things: Applications, Challenges And Opportunities With India Perspective Thite S., Thakore D. Lecture Notes In Electrical Engineering 2020
48 The Potent Combo Of Software Testing And NLP Mulla N., Jayakumar N. Lecture Notes In Electrical Engineering 2020
49 Flavonoids As Multi-Target Compounds: A Special Emphasis On Their Potential As Chemo-Adjuvants In Cancer Therapy Namdeo A.G., Boddu S.H.S., Amawi H., Ashby C.R., Jr., Tukaramrao D.B., Trivedi P., Babu R.J., Tiwari A.K. Current Pharmaceutical Design 2020
50 User Persona Of Mother Of Preterm Neonate Bhutkar G., Dongre A., Deshmukh S., Nielsen L., Joshi J. Lecture Notes In Computer Science (Including Subseries Lecture Notes In Artificial Intelligence And Lecture Notes In Bioinformatics) 2020
51 Model Package Of Behavioral Change Communication Regarding Childhood Pneumonia And Its Risk Factors: A Pre-Post Assessment Doke P.P., Sachin G.J., Bhimrao D.G., Dnyandeo P.P., Kewalchand L.S., Raguel Q.S., Kapil M.S., Sudhir P.R., Baliram W.V., Vishnupant D.R., Hemant P.S. Indian Journal Of Community Health 2020
52 Pulp Stones As Risk Predictors For Coronary Artery Disease Babu S., Swarnalatha C., Rao A., Tilak B., Kumar B., Naidu R., Nayyar A. International Journal Of Preventive Medicine 2020
53 Notes On The Discovery And Ecology Of The Invasive Armoured Catfish Pterygoplichthys Disjunctivus (Weber, 1991) And The Exotic Cichlid Amphilophus Trimaculatus (Gunther, 1867) From Southern West Bengal, India Chakraborty P., Chakraborti S., Mukherjee P., Yardi K., Das S. Ecological Questions 2020
54 Antibody-Dependent Enhancement Of Viral Infections Kulkarni R. Dynamics Of Immune Activation In Viral Diseases 2020
55 Paroxetine Hydrochloride Push-Pull Osmotic Pump Tablets: Designing An Innovative, Scalable Push-Pull Osmotic Drug Delivery System Using Qbd Approach Kenjale P.P., Joshi M.A., Khatavkar U.N., Dhapte V.V., Pokharkar V.B. Drug Delivery Letters 2020
56 Distribution Of Pathogenic Yeasts In Different Clinical Samples: Their Identification, Antifungal Susceptibility Pattern, And Cell Invasion Assays Pote S.T., Sonawane M.S., Rahi P., Shah S.R., Shouche Y.S., Patole M.S., Thakar M.R., Sharma R. Infection And Drug Resistance 2020
57 People, Technologies, And Organizations Interactions In A Social Commerce Era Maurya M., Gayakwad M. Lecture Notes On Data Engineering And Communications Technologies 2020
58 Use Of Evolutionary Algorithm In Regression Test Case Prioritization: A Review Paygude P., Joshi S.D. Lecture Notes On Data Engineering And Communications Technologies 2020
59 Heat Transfer Enhancement Of Receiver Tube With Twisted Tape Inserts And Vortex Generator At Different Orientation Using CFD Analysis Kadam M.A., Kumbhar D.G., Pawar A.M. International Journal Of Advanced Science And Technology 2020
60 Building Walls Around Open Wells Prevent Asiatic Lion Panthera Leo Persica (Mammalia: Carnivora: Felidae) Mortality In The Gir Lion Landscape, Gujarat, India Kagathara T., Bharucha E. Journal Of Threatened Taxa 2020
61 Monitoring And Analysis Of Power Quality Issues In Distribution Network—A Case Study Jape V.S., Bankar D.S., Sarwade T. Advances In Intelligent Systems And Computing 2020
62 Design And Investigation Of Compact Microstrip Patch Array Antennas For Narrowband Applications Thorat S.S., Chougule S.R. Advances In Intelligent Systems And Computing 2020
63 Effective Usage Of E-CRM And Social Media Tools By Akshay Kumar: Most Prolific Bollywood Actor Of Last Decade Kumar A. International Journal Of Management 2020
64 Efficacy Of Multimodal Analgesia With Perineural Buprenorphine Or Dexmedetomidine For Surgeries Performed Under Ultrasound-Guided Infraclavicular Brachial Plexus Block Lomate P.A., Mane M.V. Journal Of Anaesthesiology Clinical Pharmacology 2020
65 Comparative Assessment Of Commercial Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay & Rapid Diagnostic Tests Used For Dengue Diagnosis In India Kulkarni R., Modak M., Gosavi M., Wani D., Mishra A.C., Arankalle V.A. The Indian Journal Of Medical Research 2020
66 An Exploratory Research In Product Innovation In Automobile Sector Aarushi, Nandal N., Agrawal P. Journal Of Critical Reviews 2020
67 Big Data & Disruptive Computing Platforms Braced Internet Of Things: Facets & Trends Jayakumar N., Joshi D.P. Studies In Systems, Decision And Control 2020
68 Phytochemicals In Cancer Treatment: From Preclinical Studies To Clinical Practice Choudhari A.S., Mandave P.C., Deshpande M., Ranjekar P., Prakash O. Frontiers In Pharmacology 2020
69 An Overview Of The Drug Registration Requirements For Export To Tanzania, Nepal, And Cambodia Shelke T.V., Khante S., Sarda M.B., Mahadik K.R., Gaikwad V.L. Therapeutic Innovation And Regulatory Science 2020
70 Analyzing And Testing Of Performance Of DSWIM By ANSYS Maxwell Soman A., Holmukhe R., Bharadwaj D.G. International Journal Of Scientific And Technology Research 2020
71 Multispeed Operation And Testing Of Dual Stator Winding Induction Machine Soman A., Holmukhe R., Bharadwaj D.G. International Journal Of Scientific And Technology Research 2020
72 Robust Speaker Recognition Based On Low-Level- And Prosodic-Level-Features Jagdale S.M., Shinde A.A., Chitode J.S. Lecture Notes In Electrical Engineering 2020
73 Authenticate Audio Video-Crypto Invisible Watermarking Approach For Enhancing Hidden Information Security And Robustness Gangarde M., Oza S., Chitode J. International Journal Of Electronic Security And Digital Forensics 2020
74 Enhanced Privacy Preservation Using Anonymization In IOT-Enabled Smart Homes Patil S., Joshi S., Patil D. Smart Innovation, Systems And Technologies 2020
75 Comparative Study Of Different Glycating Agents On Human Plasma And Vascular Cells Tupe R.S., Bangar N., Diwan A., Changale D., Choudhary S., Chaware S. Molecular Biology Reports 2020
76 Type 2 Diabetes Differentially Affects The Substrate Saturation Kinetic Attributes Of Erythrocyte Hexokinase And Phosphofructokinase Bhise S., Rao J., Hegde M., Katyare S. Febs Letters 2020
77 ACADF: Ant Colony Unified With Adaptive Dragonfly Algorithm Enabled With Fitness Function For Model Transformation Jadhav P.P., Joshi S.D. Lecture Notes In Electrical Engineering 2020
78 Serum Methotrexate Level And Side Effects Of High Dose Methotrexate Infusion In Pediatric Patients With Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) Sajith M., Pawar A., Bafna V., Bartakke S., Subramanian K., Vaidya N. Indian Journal Of Hematology And Blood Transfusion 2020
79 Medical Image Analysis Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks: CNN Architectures And Transfer Learning Dutta P., Upadhyay P., De M., Khalkar R.G. Proceedings Of The 5th International Conference On Inventive Computation Technologies, ICICT 2020 2020
80 Intraoral Plasmablastic Lymphoma As A Primary Oral Manifestation: A Case Report And Review Of Literature Deshmukh R., Abhyankar P., Mhapuskar A., Varpe H. Journal Of Oral And Maxillofacial Pathology 2020
81 The Expression Patterns Of Immune Response Genes In The Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Of Pregnant Women Presenting With Subclinical Or Clinical HEV Infection Are Different And Trimester-Dependent: A Whole Transcriptome Analysis Ramdasi A.Y., Arankalle V.A. Plos ONE 2020
82 Toxicity Of Orange Peel-Originated Hesperidin In Sprague Dawley Rats Li Y., Kandhare A.D., Mukherjee A.A., Bodhankar S.L. Regulatory Toxicology And Pharmacology 2020
83 Influence Of Modified Induction Port, Modified DUSA Assembly And Device Air-Inlet Geometry On The Aerosolization Pattern Of A Dry Powder Inhaler Mehta P.P., Kadam S.S., Pawar A.P. Journal Of Drug Delivery Science And Technology 2020
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88 Optimal Number Of Electrode Selection For EEG Based Emotion Recognition Using Linear Formulation Of Differential Entropy Joshi V.M., Ghongade R.B. Biomedical And Pharmacology Journal 2020
89 Synergistic Potential Of Honey And Shatdhaut Ghrut In The Management Of Diabetic Foot Ulcer In The Experimental Rats Moholkar S.A., Mukherjee-Kandhare A.A., Worlikar P.S., Tilak A. Research Journal Of Pharmacy And Technology 2020
90 Survey Paper On Developing Industrial Iot Broker Capable Of Handling Multi Protocol Architecture Deshmukh S.A., Vanjale S.B. 2nd International Conference On Innovative Mechanisms For Industry Applications, ICIMIA 2020 - Conference Proceedings 2020
91 Dry Powder Inhalers: A Brief Overview Of The Drug Detachment Techniques Mehta P.P. Therapeutic Delivery 2020
92 Efficacy, Tolerability And Serum Phenytoin Levels After Intravenous Fosphenytoin Loading Dose In Children With Status Epilepticus Srivastava K., Bhartiya S., Gavli V., Patil R., Rajadhyaksha S. Indian Pediatrics 2020
93 Effect Of Training On Evidence-Based Practice To Undergraduate Dental Students: Pre And Postexperimental Study Wadgave U., Khairnar M.R., Kadu T.S., Chadha G.K., Wadgave Y. International Journal Of Evidence-Based Healthcare 2020
94 A Study On Drug Prescription Pattern Of Antiepileptic Drugs (Aeds) At A Tertiary Care Hospital In North Eastern India Jenibemo L., Mausumi B., Handique S., Urmila A. The Journal Of The Association Of Physicians Of India 2020
95 Splenogonadal Fusion - A Rare Anomaly Patil S., Patil P., Sharma V., Jadhav S. Journal Of Indian Association Of Pediatric Surgeons 2020
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98 New Insights Into The Novel Anti-Inflammatory Mode Of Action Of Glucocorticoids Ingawale D.K., Mandlik S.K. Immunopharmacology And Immunotoxicology 2020
99 Combination Of Sarsasapogenin And Fluticasone Attenuates Ovalbumin-Induced Airway Inflammation In A Mouse Asthma Model Ingawale D.K., Mandlik S.K., Patel S.S. Immunopharmacology And Immunotoxicology 2020
100 Development And Validation Of A Bioanalytical HPLC Method For Simultaneous Estimation Of Cinnamaldehyde And Cinnamic Acid In Rat Plasma: Application For Pharmacokinetic Studies Shetty V., Chellampillai B., Kaul-Ghanekar R. New Journal Of Chemistry 2020
101 Women Social Entrepreneurs: A Growing Trend In Indian Economy Nandal N., Nandal N., Aarushi International Journal Of Advanced Science And Technology 2020
102 Measuring Innovation: Challenges And Best Practices Nandal N., Kataria A., Dhingra M. International Journal Of Advanced Science And Technology 2020
103 A Simple, Rapid And Sensitive High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatographic Method For The Simultaneous Estimation Of Berberine And 5-Fluorouracil In Rabbit Plasma Tamane P.K., Pai R.G., Pokharkar V.B. Journal Of Planar Chromatography - Modern TLC 2020
104 Qbd Based Optimization Of Curcumin Nanoemulsion: Doe And Cytotoxicity Studies Acharya S.D., Tamane P.K., Khante S.N., Pokharkar V.B. Indian Journal Of Pharmaceutical Education And Research 2020
105 Profile Of Triacylglycerols, Phenols, And Vitamin E Of Manjari Medika Grape Seed Oil And Cake: Introducing A Novel Indian Variety Khan Z.S., Chatterjee N.S., Shabeer T.P. A., Shaikh S., Banerjee K. European Journal Of Lipid Science And Technology 2020
106 Recent Advances In Inhalable Liposomes For Treatment Of Pulmonary Diseases: Concept To Clinical Stance Mehta P.P., Ghoshal D., Pawar A.P., Kadam S.S., Dhapte-Pawar V.S. Journal Of Drug Delivery Science And Technology 2020
107 A Clinical Study To Evaluate The Efficacy Of Herbal Formulation For Obesity (HFO-02) In Overweight Individuals Gupte P., Harke S., Deo V., Bhushan Shrikhande B., Mahajan M., Bhalerao S. Journal Of Ayurveda And Integrative Medicine 2020
108 The Pressing Need Of Pharmacists Trained For Pharmaceutical Care In India Rajan R., Pawar S., Dantkale V. International Journal Of Pharmacy Practice 2020
109 Omega-3 Fatty Acids Differentially Influences Embryotoxicity In Subtypes Of Preeclampsia Kasture V., Dalvi S., Swamy M., Kale A., Joshi S. Clinical And Experimental Hypertension 2020
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127 Burkholderia Cepacia Brain Abscess In A Term Neonate Pareek P., Gupta B., Chetan C., Banait N., Deshpande S., Joshi P., Suryawanshi P. Indian Journal Of Pediatrics 2020
128 Association Of Vitamin D With Fatty Acids In Pregnancy Nandi A., Wadhwani N., Randhir K., Wagh G., Joshi S.R. Prostaglandins Leukotrienes And Essential Fatty Acids 2020
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130 Machine Learning Approach For Exploring Computational Intelligence Naveenkumar J., Dhanashri J.P. Computational Intelligence For Machine Learning And Healthcare Informatics 2020
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132 Vestibular Evaluation In Patients With Congenital Profound Hearing Loss Using Ice Cold Water Caloric Test And Rotational Chair Test Dehadaray A., Gaikwad V., Kaushik M., Mishra P., Belsare S. Indian Journal Of Otology 2020
133 Comparison Of Intralesional Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccine And Needling In The Treatment Of Recurrent Warts Kolte S.R., Sardesai V.R. Journal Of Cutaneous And Aesthetic Surgery 2020
134 Mrna Expression Of Podocyte Associated Proteins In Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients With And Without Nephropathy Bhoite G.M., Bulakh P.M., Kuvalekar A.A., Padwal M.K., Momin A.A. Journal Of Krishna Institute Of Medical Sciences University 2020
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318 Odontoblasts in Health and Disease with an Additional Note on its Three‑Dimensional Histological Perspective "Dr. Bhagyashree Agre" Journal of the Scientific Society 2023
319 Assessment of Bond Strength of Different Dentin Bonding Agents Dr. Deepti Fulari Journal of Coastal Life Medicine 2023
320 A Study on Stress Distribution of Different Preformed Crowns in Deciduous Mandibular Second Molar Using Finite Element Analysis Dr.Anil Patil, Dr.Sandhyarani B. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine 2023
321 "Dental Anxiety Scales Used In Pediatric Dentistry: A Systematic Review And Meta-
Dr.Sachin B Mangalekar Bangladesh Journal of Medical Science 2023
322 "Effectiveness of a Single Chair Side Application of NovaMin®
[Calcium Sodium Phosphosilicate] in the Treatment of Dentine
Hypersensitivity Following Ultrasonic Scaling—A Randomized Controlled Trial"
Dr.Jeeth Rai Materials 2023
323 Clinical Evaluation of Coronally Advanced Flap With or Without Advance-Platelet Rich Fibrin Membrance in the Treatment of Miller's Class-II Localized Gingival Recession: A Clinical Study Dr. Sachin Mangalekar, Dr.Pallavi Kamble Cureus 2023
324 Comparative Evaluation of Crestal Bone Level Around Pre-and Post Loaded Immediate Endoosseous Implant Using Cone Beam Computed Tomograaphy-A Clinico-Radiographic Study Dr. Sachin Mangalekar, Dr.Pallavi Kamble,  Dr. Nitin Gorwade, Dr.Shashank Vijapure, Dr.Priyanka Vhanmane Cureus 2023
325 Simplified Approach For Fabrication And Retention Of A Silicone Toe Prosthesis - A Case Report Dr.Pratiksha Sahare International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (IJRAR) 2023
326 A Comparative Evaluation of Soft and Hard Tissue Changes Around Dental Implants Placed With and Without Platelet-Rich Fibrin Dr.Prasad Ingale Cureus 2023
327 Comparative Evaluation of Conventional Therapy With and Without Use of Diode Laser (DL) in the Treatment of Chronic Generalized Periodontitis: A Clinico-Microbiological Study Dr.Pallavi Kamble Dr.Sachin Mangalekar Cureus 2023
328 "An In Vitro Evaluation of Morinda citrifolia and
Ocimum sanctum as Potential Storage Media to
Maintain Cell Viability for Avulsed Teeth Using
Collagenase Dispase Assay"
Dr.Shweta Sagare,  Dr. Pranav Patil Cureus 2023
329 Assessment effectiveness of low-level laser therapy on pain relief and bone loss around dental implants Dr.Rohit Dhole,  Dr.  Prajakta Patil Res Militaris 2023
330 Assessment of Microleakage for Conventional GIC, Ormocer and Cention N restorative materials Dr.Rupali Wetam European Chemical Bulletin 2023
331 Serratiopeptidase – A Review Dr. Shridevi Adaki, Dr. Raghvendra Adaki, Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (JETIR) 2023
332 "Biofilm formation by clinical isolates of Staphylococcus aureus and their association with antimicrobial resistance.
Dr. Nilima Sanjay Naik,          Dr. Madhuri Sale,                         Dr. Lalita Girish Nanjannwar,                Dr. Chetan Patil,                     Dr. Amol Karagir Europeon Chemical Bulletin 2023
333 Significance of manual dexterity tests in Dentistry: Areview Dr. Shrivardhan Kalghatgi, Dr. Tanushri Dalvi, Dr.Krishna Haval (PG), Dr.Dilip Magdum, Dr.Chetan Patil BioGecko 2023
334 "Prevalence and factors related to dental caries among pre-school
children: A cross-sectional study"
Dr.Sachin Mangalekar Europeon Chemical Bulletin 2023
335 A comparative evaluation of the efficacy of teeth whitening agent with and without diode laser: a split-mouth study. Dr.Sachin Mangalekar, Dr.Priyanka Vhanmane International Journal Of Scientific Research 2023
336 Efficacy of diode laser and fluoride on dentin hypersensitivity treatment: A clinical trial Dr.Shashank Vijapure Europeon Chemical Bulletin 2023
337 "Comparative analysis of peri - implant bone levels in immediate
and delayed implants - A retrospective study"
Dr.Nitin Gorwade Europeon Chemical Bulletin 2023
338 Effect of Photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) on post-operative pain after extraction of Impacted 3rd molar- a literature review Dr.Shrivardhan Kalghatgi, Dr. Tanushri Dalvi, Dr.Sachin Mangalekar BioGecko 2023
339 Percentage, Severity and Etiologies of Clinically Visible Gingival Recession in Adult Population of Sangli District- A Pilot Study Dr.Pallavi Kamble, Dr. Priyanka Vhanmane, Dr.Rachana Agarwal (PG) Dr.Prasanna Sawant (PG) Pakistan Heart Journal 2023
340 "A finite element assessment of stress Delivery at implant bone boundary in Platform switched short dental implants
Dr.Sangamesh Fulari Europeon Chemical Bulletin 2023
341 Liquid Biopsy For Cancer Detection Dr.Amit Basannavar International Journal of Medical Science and Current Research 2023
342 Hearing Efficiency in Oral Submucous Fibrosis: A Clinical Study Dr.Sachin Mangalekar Pakistan Heart Journal 2023
343 "A clinical investigation linked the incidence of myopia in young
adulthood to periodontitis and dental caries"
Dr.Sachin Mangalekar Pakistan Heart Journal 2023
344 Comparative Analysis of Salivary Trace Elements and Copper to Zinc Ratio in Oral Submucous Fibrosis Patients and normal Individuals Dr.Sachin Mangalekar Pakistan Heart Journal 2023
345 An In-Vitro Evaluation of Shear Bond Strength of Cention N and Glass Ionomer Cement Dr.Prasad Ingale Europeon Chemical Bulletin 2023
346 Comparative evaluation of depth of penetration of sodium hypochlorite in radicular dentine with different i rrigant activation techniques: A n in vitro confocal laser scanning microscopy study Dr.Pranav Patil, Dr.Sharad Kamat Europeon Chemical Bulletin 2023
347 To evaluate and compare the shear bond strength of Biodentine, Light cure MTA, and TheraCal LC to resin composite using a universal adhesive Dr.Sharad Kamat, Dr.Pranav Patil Europeon Chemical Bulletin 2023
348 Comparative evaluation of push out bond strength of Light cure MTA, BIO MTA+, Light cure Glass Ionomer in furcal Perforation with and without blood contamination: An in-vitro study Dr.Sharad Kamat, Dr.Pranav Patil Europeon Chemical Bulletin 2023
349 Comparatively evaluation of tensile bond strength of two different luting cements (Zinc phosphate and Zinc polycarboxylate) used in dentistry Dr.Shweta Sagare Europeon Chemical Bulletin 2023
350 Intranasal Photo-biomodulation: A novel aid for behavior management in pediatric dentistry? "Dr.Anil Patil,
Dr.Sachin Mangalekar, Dr. Sandhyarani B, Dr.Sujatha P."
Europeon Chemical Bulletin 2023
351 Enhancing Patient Care and Monitoring Using AI and IoT in Healthcare "Dr.Prasad Ingale,
Dr. Sheetal Nandanwar"
Europeon Chemical Bulletin 2023
352 Comparative evaluation of treatment outcomes of aligners and fixed mechanotherapy: a meta-analysis "Dr. Unnati D.Parekh¹, Dr. Shraddha Shetti, Dr. JiwanAsha Agrawal,
Dr. Manish Agrawal, Dr. Lalita Nanjannawar
Dr. Sangamesh Fulari"
Europeon Chemical Bulletin 2023
353 Role of Cone-beam Computerized Tomography in evaluating the relationship between the Maxillary Sinus Floor and the Maxillary Posterior Teeth Root Tips Dr.Abdullah Tamboli Pakistan Heart Journal 2023
354 Knowledge, Attitude And Practices Towords Prevention Of Covid19 Among Dental Professionals In Sangli – Kolhapur District In Maharashtra: A Cross-Sectional Study Dr.Samruddhi Metha, Dr. Tanushri Dalvi, Dr.Rupali Wetam, Dr.Shrivardhan Kalghatgi Europeon Chemical Bulletin 2023
355 Antioxidant-Mediated Modulation of Bacterial Antibiotic Susceptibility Dr.Nilima S.Naik Azerbaijan Pharmaceutical and Pharmacotherapy Journal 2023
356 Effect of Low Level LASER on acupoint CV-24 and PC-6 to control gag reflex in children- A Comparative Clinical Study. Dr. Renuka Bhurke1 , Dr.Sandhyarani. B2 , Dr. Anil Patil3 , Dr .Sujatha Paranna4 , Dr. Vriti Pursnani5 , Dr. Ankita Annu6 Europeon Chemical Bulletin 2023
357 Correlation Of Salivary Flow, Salivary Ph, Buffering Capacity Of Saliva With Scardovia Wiggsiae Levels Using Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction In Children With Severe-Early Childhood Caries And Without Early Childhood Caries-A Microbiological Study Dr.Sandhyarani. B1 , Dr.Renuka Bhurke2 , Dr.Anil Patil3 , Dr .Sujatha Paranna4 , Dr.Vriti Pursnani5 , Dr. Tanaya Kulkarni6 Europeon Chemical Bulletin 2023
358 Clinical Assessment of Immediate Autotransplantation of Mandibular Third Molars: An In Vivo Study "Dr.Banashree Sankeshwari ,
Dr.Harshawardhan Kadam , Dr.Amol Shirkande"
Cureus 2023
359 Skeletal, dental and soft tissue effects Of fixed functional appliances in class II Malocclusion: a systematic review and Meta analysis” "Dr.Piyush S. Patil1,(PG) Dr. Jiwanasha Agrawal2, Dr. Manish Agrawal3,
Dr.Lalita Nanjannawar4, Dr. Sangamesh Fulari5, Dr. Shraddha Shetti6"
European Chemical Bulletin 2023
360 Comparison Of Root Resorption During Orthodontic Treatment Between Self-Ligating And Conventional Brackets: A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis” "Dr. Tanvi Sharma¹*, (PG),
Dr. Manish Agrawal²,
Dr. Jiwanasha Agrawal ³, Dr. Sangamesh Fulari⁴,
Dr. Shraddha Shetti⁵, Dr. Vishwal Kagi6,
Dr. Amol Shirkande7"
European Chemical Bulletin 2023
361 A Comparative Evaluation of Vertical Marginal Gap for Vented and Precemented Cad‑Cam Zirconium Copings on Angulated Abutments: An In vitro Study "Dr.Divya N. Passanha1
Dr.Banashree Sankeshwari1
, Dr.Channaveer Pattanshetti2
, Dr.Rohit Dhole1
, Dr.Sonica Miyyapuram1(PG)
, Dr.Yash Zawar (PG)"
Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences 2023
362 Comparison of different rotary files and dentinal damage during root canal treatment seen in stereomicroscope. "Dr. Shweta Sagare
European Chemical Bulletin 2023
363 Students’ preparedness and perception toward online learning in dental education – A cross‑sectional study Dr.Shrivardhan Kalghatgi, Dr.Tanushri Dalvi, Dr.Shridevi Adaki, Dr.Chetan Patil, Miss. Prathista Velaga (UG Student) National Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery 2023
364 Prevalence and Patterns of Third Molar Impaction in Different Facial Types and Mandibular Length: A Cross-Sectional Study Dr.Sanjay Byakodi European Chemical Bulletin 2023
365 "Comparative Efficacy of Lignocaine, Ropivacaine, and
Bupivacaine in Pain Control during Mandibular
Posterior Tooth Extraction"
Dr.Abdullah Tamboli European Chemical Bulletin 2023
366 A comparative evaluation between osseodensification and conventional drill technique in assessment of crestal bone loss and implant stability – A clinico-radiographic study Dr.Sachin Mangalekar European Chemical Bulletin 2023
367 An In-Vivo Study Comparing the Effectiveness of Single Sitting Endodontic Therapy in the Primary Mandibular Molars Using Rotary and Hand Instuments Dr.Prajakta B.Patil European Chemical Bulletin 2023
368 Long Term Comparative Assisment of Nutrient Intake In Adolescent Urban Indian Population Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment Dr.Manish Agrawal European Chemical Bulletin 2023
369 Evaluation and Comparision of Bone Thickness in Infrazygomaic crest area at Different Bne Screw Insertion Angle and Height-A CBCT Study Dr.Jiwanasha Agarwal, Dr.Manish Agrawal, Dr.Piyush   Patil European Chemical Bulletin 2023
370 Evaluation of Knowledge Awareness and Attitude about clear aligner therapy amongest orthodontic post graduate students across sectional questionare based survey Dr.Manish Agrawal European Chemical Bulletin 2023
371 COMPARISON OF ROOT RESORPTION WITH ROTH & MBT SYSTEM USING CBCT Dr. Amol Shirkande¹* ,             Dr. JiwanAsha Agrawal²,          Dr. Lalita Nanjannawar3 , Sangamesh Fulari⁴,                      Dr. Shraddha Shetti⁵,                Dr. Tanvi Sharma7 European Chemical Bulletin 2023
372 Comparative Evaluation Of Two Different Low Level Energy Laser Wavelengths On The Rate Of Orthodontic Tooth Movement: A Split Mouth Design Study "Dr.Sangamesh Fulari,                Dr. Manglekar Sachin2,
Dr. Agrawal Jiwanasha3,
Dr. Shetti Shraddha4,
Dr. Nanjannawar Lalita5,
Dr. Fulari Deepti S6,
Dr. Shirkande Amol7"
European Chemical Bulletin 2023
373 "A comparative evaluation of fracture resistance of tooth
restoration complex restored with PEEK and lithium disilicate
"Dr. Deepti Fulari,
Dr. Raghavendra Adaki,           Dr. Dayanand Huddar,           Dr.Rohit Dhole,
Dr.Mokshada Badadare, Dr.Pratiksha Sahare "
American College of Prosthodontists 2023
374 Traumatic displacement of maxillary permanent incisor into the nasal cavity Dr. Sanjay Byakodi(1),             Dr. Jestina Merin John(2) ,        Dr. kishanDudhat (2),               Dr. Darshan Wable(2),             Dr. Amit Basannavar(3) European Chemical Bulletin 2023
375 The Comparison of Anxiety Tactile Using the RMS Tactile Scan in Visually Impaired Children After Performing Oral Prophylaxis by Explaining to Them the Procedure by Verbal Tactile Method Sandhyarani Kumbar1 , Sapana A Rathod2 , Anil T Patil3 , Sachin Gunda4 , Krishna Patil5 , Devendrapratap M Singh6 International Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry, 2023
376 A 2023 Update of Kuppuswamy Socioeconomic Status Classification Scale for the Indian Population Tanushri Dalvi,              Shrivardhan Kalghatgi1 Retrieving data. Wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy again. 2023
377 "Comparative evaluation of photobiomodulation
therapy at 660 and 810 nm wavelengths on the soft
tissue local anesthesia reversal in pediatric dentistry:
an in-vivo study"
Dr.Sujatha P, Dr. Anil Patil,           Dr. Sandhyarani B., Journal of Dental Anesthesia and Pain Medicine 2023
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Dr. Premlesh K pal (PG) Dr.Kishan Dudhat (PG)"
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Dr. Darshan wable
Dr. Yashaswi Kanoria
Dr.Sanjay Byakodi
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a metamorphosis in
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Dr. Uma Datar,
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