Incubation Centre

An Incubation Centre of BVDU was set up with a Section 8 company “Real World Nutrition Laboratory Foundation” (RWNLF) that received substantial funding from the Government of India for its activities. RWNLF has now obtained ISO 9000 certificate. ( For activities of the RWNLF please see Annexure I )

The Incubation center was chiefly involved in research, innovation and entrepreneurship in the fields of biotechnology, nutrition, health and well being under the advice of the Hon’ble Chancellor, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and the Hon’ble Secretary. Under the able leadership of Dr. Mahabaleshwar Hegde, the researchers conducted path breaking research in the field of nutrition and came up with innovative Plant based OMEGA 3 products like OMEGA 3 eggs, capsules, oil emulsion, feed for chickens etc.

In the year 2022, the university has extended the functioning of the Incubation Center for all the units of the University as “BVDU Incubation Centre” so as to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship among staff and students of BVDU. The aim is to provide opportunities of entrepreneurship among students and stakeholders and establish a start-up culture that encourages innovative ideas. This BIC will conduct the activities with the Section 8 company “Real World Foundation” that is already active. All financial transactions of the BIC and the virtual incubation centers will be carried out through this company.

The Innovation Ecosystem at BVDU supports

  • Research and Development Cell
  • Innovation and Incubation Center
  • Institute Innovation Councils (IIC)
  • ARIIA Ranking participation
  • Hackathons
  • Design Thinking Courses
  • Support for Patent Filing
  • Support for Startups

The objectives of the BIC are :

  • To promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among students and staff.
  • To incubate and nurture business ideas and upcoming businesses
  • To identify business ideas, entrepreneurs and service providers
  • To provide the eco-system for developing business ideas into sustainable businesses
  • To create and provide access to infrastructure, industry, network of mentors and investors
  • To promote the activities of Institute Innovation Council (IIC )

All constituent units are part of the BVDU Incubation Centre. Each constituent unit shall establish an incubation unit and constitute committee to conduct and oversee the activities required for promoting start-ups among students and other stakeholders and provide them necessary support.

These incubation units shall

  • Conduct awareness events/activities on Entrepreneurship as a career option and to get first-hand experience in Entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Identify the students who are interested in entrepreneurship or have potential ideas for conversion into products
  • Conduct mentoring sessions by industry leaders, network with experts/alumni so that they visit the campus to provide expertise and solutions.
  • Provide infrastructure for office space for a limited period as support for upcoming business
  • Identify funding agencies for incubation center support and apply for project funding.
  • Submit the report of the activities of the unit.

(Above mentioned are some indicators, you may conduct as per your specific requirements)

BVDU Incubation Centre – Committee for Coordination

A committee of following members at university level is constituted for coordination of different Incubation units of BVDU Incubation Centre, Pune

Dr. Sathinarayan

Poona College of Pharmacy

CA Aishwarya Hardikar

Accounts Finance Officer, BVDU

Dr. Premashish Roy

Director, Mumbai (Off-Campus)

Dr. Bipinraj NK


Dr. Jyoti Peshave

HMCT, Pune

Dr. P.P. Kothar

AKIMSS Solapur

Dr. Advait Murali Menon

College of Ayurveda

Dr. Vaibhava Desai

BVIMK, Kolhapur

Mr. Sudhir A. Kadam

College of Engineering

Dr. Vrushali Kadam

YMIM, Karad

Dr. Anthony Rose (Professor)

Professor IMED, Pune (Coordinator)

Dr. Kirti Gupta (Professor)

IMED, Pune (Coordinator)

Ms. Shivangi Sinha

New Law College

Advisory Committee

Prof. Dr. Vivek Saoji

Vice Chancellor, BVDU, Pune

Prof. S. F. Patil

ii)Executive Director (Research, Training and International Affairs, BVDU, Pune)

Shri G. Jayakumar


C.A. Aishwarya Hardikar

Finance Officer

Dr. Mahabaleshwar Hegde


Dr. Manohar Panse


Mr. Pendharkar

Legal officer, BVDU, Pune