Department of Computer Science

Vision, Mission & Objective


To foster the students into globally competent professionals with expertise in software development and aptitude for research and ethical values

Mission :

1. To strengthen the core competencies in Computer Science through analytical learning

2. To produce successful graduates capable of handling  personal and professional responsibilities along with  commitment  to lifelong learning

3. To promote  innovative research in Computer Science  to serve the needs of Industry, Government and Society at large

4. To develop competencies so as to meet the challenges posed in IT field.

5. To train the students to develop their inter personal skills to cultivate personal and organizational behaviour

6. To encourage the students to work on real time projects which is a regular practice of software industries

7. To promote the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students


1. To develop problem solving abilities using a computer

2. To build the necessary skill set and analytical abilities for developing  computer based solutions for real life problems

3. To imbibe quality software development practices

4. To create awareness about process and product standards

5. To train students in professional skills related to Software Industry

6. To prepare necessary knowledge base for research and development in Computer Science

7. To help students build-up a successful career in Computer Science

8. To inculcate lifelong learning skills so as to remain updated in the technological developments in the IT field

9. To train students to work effectively in multidisciplinary and multicultural environment around the world