Academic Facilities

The college offers a state-of-the-art infrastructure to provide the required support to the students during the academic years. The infrastructure includes academic facilities such as the library, classrooms and campus facilities such as hostel, canteens and more.


Students will be able to study in well-furnished and comfortable classrooms at the college campus. The classrooms are equipped with the latest technology to ensure that the students are able to study comfortably.

Auditorium, Conference & Seminar Halls

Many events are organized by the college on the campus every year. To make the programmes successful, the latest equipment have been prepared and is available at the Auditorium, Conference and Seminar Halls.


The laboratories at Yashwantrao Mohite College are well-equipped and have the latest technology that is required by the students for their projects. Students will be able to access the labs for their academic work during college hours.

Academic Facilities


The College has a well-established system for efficient use and maintenance of classrooms for effective teaching –Learning. Faculty In-charge and Head of the Departments prepare the Time Table and submit it to the principal before the beginning of each semester as per the workload suggested by UGC. Principal in consultation with the faculty members prepare a final timetable for each faculty and the classrooms are allocated for different subjects of the various departments. While allocating the classrooms, the strength of the students for the subject is taken into consideration. Each classroom is well lit, well furnished with comfortable seating arrangement which creates conductive environment for teaching learning process.

Maintenance of classrooms:

  • The classrooms with furniture, teaching aids are well maintained
  • The repair of the furniture, teaching aids, instruments computers, laptops is done by the maintenance and infrastructure committee.
  • The housekeeping work like cleaning of the corridors, classrooms and washrooms is done early in the morning. Toilets are cleaned twice/thrice every day
  • Emergency maintenance like replacing the tube light, water pipes, water leakage, drainage cleaning etc. is done by housekeeping services.
  • Every Classroom is ICT friendly.

Allocation of Classrooms

SR.No. Class room No Area in Sq.mtrs.
1 Classroom No 11 86
2 Classroom No 12 93
3 Classroom No 13 68
4 Classroom No 14 68
5 Classroom No 17 68
6 Classroom No 18 68
7 Classroom No 25 93
8 Classroom No 26 68
9 Classroom No 27 68
10 Classroom No 30 68
11 Classroom No 31 68
12 Classroom No 34 93
13 Classroom No 35 86
14 Classroom No 36 46
15 Classroom No 37 45
16 Classroom No 38 46
17 Classroom No 39 86
18 Classroom No 40 86