Along with academic activities, the students are also encouraged to participate in the various extracurricular activities that are offered by the college. As part of student activities, there are various clubs, and many cultural activities are held annually.

Student Club

During the academic years, the students can apply and join one of the many college clubs. Through the clubs, the students will be able to build their networking skills and learn more about teamwork and leadership.

Cultural Activities

The college organizes cultural activities to discover and build the talent and skills of the students. These activities will also allow the student to enjoy college life while participating in different activities that will provide them with a lifetime experience.

Nature Club

There is a Nature Club in the college where the activities like counting of trees and identifying the birds on the campus, preserving medicinal plants, cleanliness drive, converting solid waste into vermi compost are carried out for the mutual benefits.

Literary Club and Wallpaper

There is a Reading club established and monitored by language departments under this club students are asked to read new books and discussion is done in the forum. This club aims to inculcate good reading habits among the students which is the prime need of time. This club also published wall papers at regular interval where students are trained to be creative in accordance with this Vachan prerna din is celebrated every year. Even certain films and videos are screened to awaken essential values among the students after screening discussions are carried out for instilling critical thinking among the students.