Department of Physics



The department has major contribution in research since establishment and progressing. We have best research collaborations across India and abroad. The department has vibrant U.G. course in Physics and planning to start P.G. course along with Ph.D. program in near future.

Research Areas:

The department is centered in 02 areas of research. First is the field of Material Science which includes Thin Film, Solar Cell, Supercapacitor, Gas Sensing, Smart Window etc. The second field is Space Physics Research which includes upper atmosphere, ionosphere, Solar wind interaction with Earth’s Magnetic field, geomagnetic storms, gravity waves, Equatorial Plasma Bubbles etc.


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Research Projects

Major Research:

SR.No. Project Title: Name of the Researcher Funded by Duration Financial Outlay
1 Dual Sensitization of Hydrothermally grown TiO2 for Efficient Solar Cells” Dr. H. P. Deshmukh UGC 01-07-2012 to 30-06-2015 8,75,800/-

Minor Research:

SR.No. Project Title: Name of the Researcher Funded by Duration Financial Outlay
1. Synthesis of metal (Zn,Sn,In) oxide thin films by chemical spray And their sensing properties’ Dr. B. N. Pawar UGC 15-11-2010 to 14-11-2012 8,75,800/-
2. Investigation of titanium oxide thin films deposited by spray pyrolysis technique and their Electrochromic properties Dr. H. P. Deshmukh Bharati Vidyapeeth University 02-01-2003 to 01-01-2005 to 14-11-2012 35,000/-