Special Education Services/Auditory Verbal Theraphy

The School of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology started special education services along with aural habilitation facilities since 2006 to address the needs of children with hearing impairment. Early detection and quality intervention for making maximum use of critical period of language development of these children.

Facilities are available to provide intervention services to young children and their families for mainstream education. Three dedicated special educators who are trained in auditory verbal therapy follow principles of listening and spoken language communication to teach children with hearing impairment. Children attend therapy sessions along with their parents. AVT therapists work in collaboration with different experts in the department for a child’s synchronous development in all the areas of development. Special educators work on listening, speech, language and communication development through interactive Auditory Verbal Therapy sessions which include directed activities, play, celebrating special days, role play, story and picture books where parents are also involved.

The School of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology also has the facility of Group Therapy to develop social communication skills and improve functional use of skills that the child has learnt in the individual therapy sessions. Most of the families we have are from remote areas and poor economical background, so most of them are candidates of ADIP Scheme, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. We also provide tele-intervention sessions for the families who are outside the city and cannot visit regularly to the department on a regular basis.

The School of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology graduate around 5 children every year who have achieved remarkable progress in speech and language. We extend our helping hands towards children attending mainstream schools through guidance and home training programmes. Yearly formal assessments for auditory skills, language, speech, social communication and pragmatic skills as well as informal assessment for literacy are done at the department and guidance provided in the therapy. Parent /caregiver training and empowerment is a key to success in the development of children with special needs. Therefore, various workshops and expert talks are conducted regularly for the empowerment and education of parents. A books and toys library for the parents who cannot buy expensive toys and storybooks is available, so that they can carry them to their homes and use them to meet their goals.