Tele Rehabilitation


About Tele-rehabilitation services

In accordance with the motto of Bharati Vidyapeeth "Social Transformation through Dynamic Education" School of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology started a tele-therapy unit on 30th August 2011. The aim was to reach the unreached to overcome geographical constraints for the delivery of Audiology, Speech and Language services for persons with communication disorders. We offer services to the patients and caregivers at their doorsteps using technology.


Objectives of Tele-rehabilitation services

  • Tele-Assessment and Tele-intervention (therapy, counseling, parental training)
  • Guidance for Persons with communication Disorders such as language disorders, fluency disorders, voice disorders etc.
  • Helpline for parents/ caretakers with Communication Disorders

Who can get benefit of this services?

  • Persons with communication disorders
  • Caregivers of person with communication disorders

Tele-therapy services of BV(DU) SASLP are provided in collaboration with Noor Project (Tele-therapy for children with various communication disorders in Chhattisgarh & West Bengal), Mukul Madhav Foundation’s Rehabilitation Center for Cerebral Palsy at Satara/Ratnagiri, and various special schools in Pune.


Contact details for tele-rehabilitation

Ms. Ashwini Titharmare (Medical Social Worker)