Department of Mechanical Engineering


Dattatray Bhagwan Jadhav
Dr. Dattatray Bhagwan JadhavAssistant Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering College of Engineering

Experience 15.7


M. E. Mechanical (CAD/CAM)

Teaching: 15 years 7 month

Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Hybrid machining, CAD/CAM

  • ATAL course on Hybrid Electric Vehicle 1-5 Feb 2019.
  • NPTEL online Certification course Introduction to Mechanical Micromachining with 70% consolidated score during Jan –Apr 2019.
  • NPTEL online Certification course Basics of Finite Element Analysis I with 88% consolidated score during Feb –Apr 2019.

Publications in International Journals

  • Jadhav D.B., Jadhav P.V., Bilgi D.S., “Anodic Dissolution of Gamma Titanium Aluminide GE 48-2-2, TNM B1 and TNB V5 Materials using Electrochemical Machining Electrolytes for Aviation Application”, International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development (IJMPERD), Vol.10, Issue - 3, June 2020, pp. 1100111010.
  • Pravin Kumar, Pradeep Jadhav, Mahavir Beldar, D.B. Jadhav, Abhay Sawant, “Review Paper on ECM, PECM and Ultrasonic Assisted PECM”, Materials Today Proceedings, Vol. 5, Issue 2, Part 1,2018, pp. 6381-6390, [ISSN 2214-7853]
  • D B Jadhav, Prof. P. V. Jadhav , Prof. D S Bilgi , A. A. Sawant, “Experimental Investigation of MRR on Inconel 600 using Ultrasonic Assisted Pulse Electrochemical Machining”, International Conference on Mechanical, Materials and Renewable Energy,377 2018, pp.1-12.[ISSN 1757-899X] "Development of an Electrochemical Machine Set up and Experimentation /1 International Journal of Engineering Research and General Science (IJERGS}, Vol. 4,lssue 3, May June 2016 ,pp.652-659.ISSN. 2091-2730.