Kavita S. Kulkarni
Dr. Kavita S. KulkarniAssociate Professor

Department of Chemical Engineering College of Engineering

Experience 26 Years

  • Teaching : 26 Years
  • Industry : -
  • Research : 5 Years

Area of Interest

Environmental Engineering , Wastewater treatment, Adsorption

Title of the project: Sequestration of CO2 from industrial Combined Heat and Power Plant by evolution of solid Sorbents as a retrofit technology.

Funding agency: AICTE

Amount: Rs. 5.35 L

Duration: 2012 - 2014

Status: Completed

Books / Book chapters Published

K.S.Kulkarni, S.N.Shinde, Process Instrumentation, Chintan Publications, Pune.

Professional Memberships


  • 6th International conference on sustainable systems and the environment, (March 2011), Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.
  • Workshop on “Understanding the mind and conditioning ourselves through EFT”, at BVUCOE Pune (July 2014)
  • Secrets of Guru , at BVUCOE Pune (August 2015)
  • A Safety security threat awareness and prevention program, at BVUCOE Pune (August 2015).
  • “Author workshop jointly organized by Springer Nature and BVUCOE, Pune”, (March 2017)
  • One week workshop on “Problem based learning”(June 2018)
  • AICTE – ISTE Approved short term training Programme (STTP) on “Advances in Wastewater Treatment”(June 2018). Two days seminar on “Environment and green technologies for sustainable development,(January 2019)
  • FDP on “Medical biomaterials”,(February 2019)
  • Workshop on Patent Drafting and Filing”(February 2019)
  • Workshop on ‘Technologies for sustainable development’ (December 2019)
  • Workshop on ‘How to access Taylor and Francis Journals ‘( May 2020)
  • Workshop on ‘PoSH Employee Sensitization Programme’ (April 2020)
  • Online Learning Workshop for Faculty (April 2020)
  • FDP on ‘Research in Energy Technologies’(July 2020)
  • FDP on ‘Waste Management Technology’(October 2020)
  • FDP on Waste Technology ,AICTE Training And Learning (ATAL) Academy(November 2020)
  • FDP on Inculcating Universal Human Values in Technical Education, AICTE (2021)
  • FDP on ‘Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Environmental Management’ (2021)
  • FDP on ‘Environment, Energy, Health and Safety: Trends & Industrial Aspects’(2021)
  • FDP on ‘Plastic Waste Management: Challenges & opportunities’ (2021)

Received RPS Grant of Rs. 5, 30,000/- from AICTE, New Delhi.

Publications International Journal (s): 37 National Journals (s) : 11
International Conference (s): 1 National Conference (s): 1

International Journal:

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Extra Activities

  • IIChE student’s chapter In charge
  • P.G. Coordinator
  • Placement Coordinator
  • IQAC member
  • Convener National conference: SANVARGAM – 2016
  • Member board of Studies – Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Women Cell In charge