Navnath Tatyaba Markad
Dr. Navnath Tatyaba MarkadAssociate Professor

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering College of Engineering

Experience 34 Years


Ph. D, ME, BE

  • Teaching : 34 Years
  • Industry : 10 Years

Area of Interest

Microwave Communication Engineering

Professional Memberships


  • Workshop attended on satellite communication,NMIT,Talegaon
  • ICUBBA conference, PCCOE, Pune
  • Secrets of Guru, BVUCOE,Pune

100 school children’s make aware about E & TC Engineering

Publications International Journal (s): 15 National Journals (s) : 4
International Conference (s): 4 National Conference (s): 4
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Books Published


Extra Activities

  • V. C. nominees of Pune University. Subject Expert, symbiosis international university
  • NSS program officer, Bharati Vidyapeeth university, Pune. On the panel of Maharashtra Public service commission for recruitment of class-I officers, Bombay