Pradeep Vitthal Jadhav
Dr. Pradeep Vitthal Jadhav Professor

College of Engineering
International Student's Cell

Experience 17.9


M.E. Ph.D (Mechanical Engineering)

Teaching: 17.9 Years

Advance Manufacturing Processes (Micromachining), CAD/CAM, Ultrasonic Vibrations.

  • FDP on Research opportunities in Advanced Manufacturing Processes (22nd June to 28th June 2020 at BVDU COE Pune.
  • Organizing committee member for International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (ICAIR-2019), 23-24th August 2019, Mumbai, India.
  • Co-Ordinator: Two-day workshop on “3D Printing and its Applications” (Mech. Dept.) B.V.D.U. Pune on 24th -25th January 2019.
  • Two-day workshop on “Research in Renewable energy” (Mech. Dept.) B.V.D.U. Pune on 23rd -24th February 2017.
  • Best paper award “2nd Biennial International Conference on Nascent Technology in Engineering (ICNTE-2017)” at Fr. C Rodrigues Institute of Technology Vashi, Navi Mumbai. 27-28 Jan 2017.
  • Got “Award of Excellence” National Conference on Design, Manufacturing, energy & Thermal Engineering (NCDMETE-17) at Dr. Daulatrao Aher college of Engineering, Karad, 7th January 2017.
  • Award of the Grant- in-aid (R&D) (Rs.60, 000) Received from IEI, August 2011.
  • Won second prize for paper presentation at 48th National Conference (IIIE), Bangalore, 2006.
Publications International Journal (s): 31 National Journals (s) : 1
International Conferences: 19 National Conferences: 4
Proceedings (Springer International Publishing: SCOPUS): 4

International Journals

  • Atish Mane,P.V.Jadhav, D.S.Bilgi“Enhancement of surface finish of shape memory alloy using electrical discharge machine”Annals of R.S.B.C. ISSN: 1583-6258, Issue 5,,2021,pp5224-5232.
  • Swanand Pachore. Pradeep Jadhav, Ratnakar Ghorpade “Analyzing relation of canal operating force and canal curvature in RCT: A mathematical overview” Published by Elsevier, Materials today: Proceedings 2021 (Scopus)
  • D.B.Jadhav.P.V.Jadhav and D.S.Bilgi “Anodic dissolution of gamma titanium aluminide Ge 48-2-2, TNM b1 and TNB V5 materials using Electrochemical machining electrolytes for aviation application” International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development (IJMPERD)Trans Stellar Pub, ISSN (P): 2249–6890; ISSN(E): 2249–8001,Vol 10,issue 3,June 2020 ,pp11001-11010
  • Sachin Khomane,Pradeep Jadhav, et al “Experimental Investigation Of Mechanical Properties Of The Natural Hybrid Composite Using Epoxy, Banana & Coir Fiber” NOVYI MIR Research Journal, Volume 5, Issue 6, ISSN No: 0130-7673(Web of science) 2020,pp46-51,

National Journals:

  • D.S.Bilgi,P.V.Jadhav,"Effect of Parameters on Surface Roughness of Electrochemically Drilled Deep Hole Using Rotating Electrode and a Moving Electrode” Journal of Multidisciplinary Engg. Technology, Bharati Vidyapeeth College Of Engineering, New Delhi.pp.1-10, Jan 2008.

International Conference:

  • Manoranjan Singh,P.V.Jadhav,“Experimental investigation on taper angle of micro-Electrochemical machining using Taguchi Method” 2nd International Conference on “Enhancement and innovations in Exploring Engineering ICEIEE 2019, on 12 th July 2019 at Kula Lumper, Malesiya.
  • Akash Sah,Pradeep Jadhav, “Cornering fatigue test and radial fatigue test on a rim with steps for monotyre E-Vehicle using FEA” 2nd International Conference on “Enhancement and innovations in Exploring Engineering ICEIEE 2019, on 12 th July 2019 at Kula Lumper, Malesiya.
  • Manoranjan Singh,Pradeep Jadhav,“ Experimental investigation on analysis of overcut of micro-holes machined on INCONEL 718 by electrochemical micromachining” IITER International Conference 14th July 2019, at Pacific hotel Singapore
  • Manoranjan Singh, P.V.Jadhav,“A literature review on Electrochemical Micro-Machining (ECMM) of Nickel based super-alloys” International Conference on Recent Innovations in Engineering and Technology (ICRIET-19) 15th and 16th February 2019. JSPM College of Engg. Pune.

National Conference:

  • S.Vimal,P.V.Jadhav,A.K.Pandey “A Review of nano machining by Electrochemical Processes” 2nd national Conference on recent Developments in Mechanical Engineering , RDME -2013, April 27-27 2013.pp 32.
  • P.V.Londhe, Dr.L.G.Nawale, Dr.D.S.Bilgi, P.V.Jadhav, “Investigation of Electrochemically (EC) Drilled Holes: a Parametric Study for Surface Finish” National Conference on enriches the work life-a quality Engg. Perspective, DYPCO Engg. Akurdi Pune. , 4-6 th October 2007.
  • P.V.Jadhav, Dr.D.S.Bilgi, “Surface Finish Improvement of Electrochemically (EC) Drilled Hole” National Conf. On Advances in materials & Mfg. Tech, Punjab Engineering College, Deemed University Chandigarh, pp337-341, 21-22, September 2007.
  • P.V.Jadhav,Dr.D.S.Bilgi, “Enhancement of Surface Finish of Electrochemically (EC) Drilled Deep Hole Using Rotating Electrode” Indian Institute of Industrial Engineering (Bangalore), 48th National Convention 29-30 Sept 2006