Prachi Ashok Dixit
Miss. Prachi Ashok DixitAssistant Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering College of Engineering

Experience 11


M. Tech. Mechanical( CAD CAM)

Teaching: 11

  • International conference on ”Ideas ,Impact and Innovations in Mechanical Engineering” ICIIME-2017:1st-2nd June 2017
  • International conference on “Future trends and challenges in Mechanical Engineering,”17-19 February 2017(Sinhagad Institute)
  • STTP on “ MATLAB & SIMULINK” 5-10 Dec.2016

Indian Patents on “Hybrid joint” Title of Invention “Method For Determining optimum joinery for two or more Elements”

  • S.S.Kadam, P.A.Dixit “Experimental and FEA Evaluation of Hybrid Joint Strength of Single Lap joint.”(June 2012): 93-96
  • Samant Lal Deo, P.A. Dixit, Krishnan Mahadevan “Design, analysis and optimization of turning fixture for steering knuckle” International Journal of Engineering Research and General Science (June 2017):1395-1399
  • P.A.Dixit , D.D.Mohite “A New Approach to Design Sanitizing Machine by using Automated Guided System” (August -2021): 1-11