IEEE Extreme Seminar Report 2nd Oct 2018

Title of activity: Seminar: IEEEXtreme- IEEEs Largest 24-Hour Programming Competition

Venue: NA Lab

Lecture conducted by: IEEE Committee members Counselor and Mentor


To introduce about 24-Hour Programming competition conducted by IEEE.

Summary of the Seminar:

  • IEEExtreme is IEEE’s premier programming competition, bringing thousands of students from around the world together in to a 24-hour event.
  • The competition is hosted virtually and simultaneously around the world, and competitors are required to proctored by a local IEEE Student Branch.
  • Eligibility to participate: IEEE Membership is compulsory.


  • IEEEExtreme Prizes:
  • 1st Place: Full paid Trip to any IEEE Conference (10,000$ Max/per Team.
  • 2nd Place: Apple Watch Series 2 (400$ Max/one each.
  • 3rd Place: Apple Watch Series 2 (400$ Max/one each.
  • 4th-100th Place: Gift Bundle & Top-Coder T-Shirt Top 30 Proctors: Based on feedback from Survey (50$ Amazon Gift Card/each)