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Report on Image Processing Seminar 8th Oct 2018

Title of activity: Seminar: Image Processing In Industrial Technology

Venue: EIMS Lab

Expert Lecture conducted by: Dr. Amol Madane Technical Architect, TCS, Pune


  • To introduce basics of image processing
  • To explore various applications of image processing in day to day life and industrial technology.

Summary of the Seminar:

  • The seminar provided the basic knowledge of Image processing: Steps in image processing, Image sampling, Effects of quantization, Image analysis, Low level process (Pre-Process), Medium level process (Segmentation), High level process (Recognition), Representing digital image, Image storage.
  • Its applications in day to day life and industrial technology like Pedestrian collision, Lane departure warming, Headway monitoring, Intelligent high beam, Speed limit indication.


  • ·The students were able to acquire basic knowledge of Image Processing.
  • The students were able to think on applications of image processing in day to day life.

Felicitation of Speaker: Dr. Amol Madane by Mrs. Sharda Tondare, Counselor, IEEE Student Branch.


Expert Sharing his views on Image Processing.


Mrs. Sharda Tondare, Counsellor, Giving vote of thanks.