Report on Robotics Seminar 24 Aug 2019

Title of activity: Seminar: introduction to Robotics and its applications

Venue: EIMS Lab

Expert Lecture conducted by: Mr. Kishore Ingale, Head- IRC and Mr. Sunil Patil, Head-SPE, TCS, Pune


  • To introduce applications of robots in real life situations.
  • To explore various applications of robots in day to day life and industrial technology.

Summary of the Seminar:

  • In the beginning, the students were given a thought-provoking introduction to robotics.
  • Various types of robots ranging from industry to entertainment and Contrasting components in Robot Design were discussed.


  • The students were able to acquire practical aspects and real-life applications of Robotics in the field of engineering and medicine.
  • The students were given insights on various Robotics Transformation Software Products such as Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism by IBM as well as UI Path.

Felicitation of Expert: Mr. Kishore Ingale and Mr. Sunil Patil by Mrs. Sharda Tondare, Counselor, IEEE Student Branch, BV(DU)COE, Pune


Expert Sharing their views on Robotics and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) Software.


Vote of thanks by Shrish Jaiswal, Head Coordinator, IEEE Student Branch, BV(DU) COE, Pune.