Webinar on Ace Your College Journey with Programming 26th June 2021

Title of activity: Ace Your College Journey with Programming

Speaker: Ms. Mamta Kumari

Venue: Zoom Meeting (Online)

Number of Attendance: 350

Webinar conducted by: Mrs. Sharda Tondare (Counselor), Mrs. Rupali Ambekar (Mentor) and IEEE Student Branch, BV(DU) College of Engineering, Pune in collaboration with PrepBytes Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Haryana.


  • To help students of 1st year to understand the roadmap to start coding journey.
  • To make students awareand stay with the fast-changing world of technology.

Summary of the Webinar:

The webinar on “Ace Your College Journey With Programming” was conducted on Zoom Meeting (Online) to introduce the benefits of coding from 1st year to develop a problem solving mindset for future. Few of the points discussed during the webinar:

  • One of the benefits of introducing oneself early in the field of programming is to develop problem solving mindset which is one of the important aspects of working in a tech industry.
  • Being a programmer, one can gain access to various other aspects of technological field since programming is everywhere..
  • Discussed the roadmap to become a better programmer.
  • Introduced students to various international coding competitions like Google’s Kickstart and ACM-ICPC and how to gain most out of these competitions.
  • Discussed how to keep up with the changing trends in the programming field.
  • The flexibility that coding brings in one’s career.
  • Discussed about how coding helps in development of product in the current era.
  • Introduced the students with tips and tricks of cracking coding interviews and building up a good portfolio.


  • The students were motivated to get started in programming journey.
  • Students showed interest and webinar was successful as 350 students attended the event.