Workshop on Develop Recommendation Engine Using Python 17 July 2021

Title of activity: Develop recommendation engine using python.

Speaker: Mr. Parth Sharma (Chief Data Scientist, Jasper Colin Research)

Venue: Google Meet (Online)

Number of Attendence: 100

Eventconducted by: Mrs. Sharda Tondare (Counselor), Mrs. Rupali Ambekar (Mentor) and IEEE Student Branch, BV(DU) College of Engineering, Pune in collaboration with AI Probably.


  • To help students to get an insight in the world of data science and machine learning.
  • To make students awareand stay with the fast-changing world of technology.

Summary of the Workshop:

The event on “Develop Recommendation Engine Using Python” was conducted on Google Meet (Online) tointroduce the students to the features of data science and machine learning.Few of the pointsdiscussed during the event:

  • The benefits of having machine learning knowledge.
  • How python language is best option for machine learning.
  • Discussed the roadmap to become a better AI engineer.
  • Introduced students to various libraries, functions etc within python and how these libraries help in developing a successful model.
  • Discussed how to keep up with the changing trends in the programming field.
  • The flexibility that comes up in data science field.
  • Discussed about how end-end product development is the best task for an individual.
  • Introduced the students with tips and tricks of how to have a successful career in data science.
  • Developed a recommendation engine using python libraries from scratch.
  • Motivated students on how to tackle difficulties in the machine learning field and how to build a good portfolio.


  • The students were able to answer the questions asked in the competition and best of two prizes were given to 1st and 2nd winner.
  • The event was enthralling as all students showed interest and took active participation.
  • More than 100 students were present which made event more exciting.
  • Certificate of participation was provided to the attendees. A positive feedback was recorded and encouraged us to conduct more technical events in future.