Our institute is closely associated with the 900 bedded hi-tech, super specialties Bharati Hospital which is situated in same campus with eleven state of art super specialized operation theatres and well supporting system, where dental patients are admitted and operated for major surgeries. Majority of such cases are treated free of cost.

Bharati Hospital has advanced Radio diagnostic equipments like CT Scan, MRI, high resolution ultrasonic sonography machines .Bharati Hospital also has state of art ICU, NICU and Dialysis unit, which can be utilized for dental patients also.

Hospital provides 24 hours casualty services to the patients. Residents of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery are posted in Bharati Hospital round the clock to provide emergency services.


Treatment of dental and facial trauma, facial deformities, maxillofacial infections and Oro facial malignancies is carried out efficiently with the help of Bharati Hospital by our specialists. Orthognathic surgeries are conducted in the hospital.