Academic Facilities



Set up in 1989, the Library and Information Centre is an integral part of the Dental College and Hospital and there are separate sections for undergraduate and postgraduate students and the teaching staff. There is a vast collection of National and International books and journals, which are segregated subject-wise in different sections. The objective of the knowledge-rich library is to enable the students to thrive on and in turn nourish and nurture the professionals of tomorrow. In order to meet the changing needs or requirements, there is maximum utilization of the space as there is an open aisle.

Space & Infrastructure

The Library and Information Centre occupies plinth area of 7381 sq. ft. (686 sq. mts.) and there is a seating capacity of 150. Some of the prominent sections into which the library is divided are:

  • Internet section
  • Stacking section
  • Journal and Periodicals section
  • Circulation section
  • Multimedia Section with 25 Computers, 2 Printers, 1 Scanner and 1 Photocopy machine to provide copies of document to users on demand.

Library Collection

S.No. Types of document Total
1 Books  
  a) Dental &Medical Science Books 8657
  b) General Books 1037
2 Current Subscriptions to National and International Journals  
  a) National 13
  b) International 57
3 E-Journals 60
4 Bound Volumes of Journals 1629
5 CDs and DVDs & Audio-visual on Dental and Medical Sciences  
  a) CDs 483
  b) Audio-Visual Aids 54
6 Dissertations/Thesis 181
7 Library dissertation 211
8 News Papers 7

Library Working Hours

S.No. Monday to Friday 09.00 am 10.00 pm
1 Saturday 09.00 am 05.00 pm
2 Sunday and Holiday 10.00 am 05.00 pm


  • References services
  • Internet services
  • Reprographic services
  • Current awareness services
  • Inter-Library connectivity service
  • Book Bank service
  • Newspaper clipping service
  • Helping in access to e-Journals

Library Automation

The library is using SOUL 2.0 Software

The SOUL 2.0 consists of the following modules. Each module has further been divided in to sub-modules to cater to its functional requirements.

  • Acquisition
  • Catalogue
  • Circulation
  • OPAC
  • Serial Control
  • Administration


The College has well-ventilated classrooms and high-quality infrastructure. The objective is to ensure that the students do not face any kind of discomfort while they are in the classroom.


Auditorium, Conference & Seminar Halls

One of the unique features of the College is the open-air theatre with a seating capacity of approximately 400 people. Also, there is an air-conditioned auditorium with 500 seating capacity. The auditorium has a fully equipped good audio-visual system and the cultural events are conducted annually where the students and the teachers participate with equal enthusiasm.



Aiming to provide the best facilities to the students, the dental college has bought advanced and latest materials and equipment for all the branches of dentistry. No expense has been spared by the college to get the best possible equipment and it will give the right exposure to the students as they get used to the advanced techniques and materials. Among the advanced equipment that are provided by the college are:

  • Dental implants
  • RVGs,
  • Digital OPGs
  • LASERS, etc.

Laboratories and Equipment

The laboratories at each of the dental speciality have sophisticated infrastructure and are equipped with operating microscopes, endosonics, cryosurgery, ultrasonic scalers, orthopantomography, digital radiography, computerized cephalometrics, laser fluorescence caries detectors as well as with the advanced casting lab equipment. At the Phantom head labs there are 100 dental work stations for pre-clinical training simulating dental treatment and a well-equipped Central Laboratory (BEGO) for Crown and Bridge fabrication is also there so that the students can acquire technical skills in dentistry.

For undergraduate training programmes, the college has well-furnished as spacious lecture Halls that are equipped with OHP and LCD facilities. The Oral Pathology laboratory has state-of-the-art trinocular microscopes with arrangement of Photographic attachment. Modern equipment like pentahead microscope, which aids in accurate Diagnosis of oral diseases is also made available for the students.