It has very rich collection of more than 12061 books. The library is regularly updated by adding the latest books and by subscribing to national and international journals. The BV (DU) IHMCT library offers extensive resources to support education.


Monday to Friday 8.00am - 5.00 pm Saturday 9.00 am - 1.00 pm

Library Collection 2023-24

Sr. No. Total Volumes 13570
1. Titles 6041
2. Text Books 11188
3. Reference Books 2369
4. International Journal 00
5. National Journal 8
6. Magazines 6
7. News Papers 3
8. Journal Bound Volumes 159
9. CD/DVDs 188
10. 2019-20 Library Software SOUL3.0
11. 2023-24 new software KOHO LIBARARY SOFTWARE
12. IHMCT New Letter Pickle Jar -
13. No. of PCs in Digital Library 11
14. National Digital Library membership Yes

Internet Broadband Facility Is Available For Students In The Library.

There is a large Reading Hall, wherein students can comfortably read and study. The library is an open access library; hence students have very easy access. The students and faculty members have free access to Internet facility available in this library.

Digital Library Resources:

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Computer Laboratory

The Computer Labs Is Well Equipped With Internet Access And A Variety Of Software Applications. The Students Are Provided With Basic Instructions and Assistance By Qualified Instructor.